Remember when you first started driving? Did you ever accidentally drive off with your emergency brakes on? What happened then? I am sure you had to release the brakes or else you wouldn't be going anywhere. Once you were sure about what the problem was you could fix it and be able to continue on. However, if you couldn't figure out the problem you would be stuck until you did. No one can accelerate unless they first fix the obstacles that stand in their way. Many people go through life with their psychological emergency brakes on. They suffer subconsciously, by living in the past , without truly understanding why. We sometimes hold onto powerful, and negative experiences, so tight that they still impacts us today even when the initial experience occurred many years before. It's like driving a car with your emergency brakes on. You won't be able to function at your full potential.

Often people choose to stay in their comfortable, but painful, mindset instead of doing the work to move forward because it's hard and takes a lot of strength. When we are in this mindset we act like we don't have to face, think about, or change our behavior. We can completely ignore the problem. However, remember that weather you are waiting for your breakthrough in your business, marriage, or another personal situation, no one is going to make you have your breakthrough or push it on you. If you want to have a breakthrough in your life it's going to take prayer, belief, and work.

The difference between people that are successful in all areas of their life and those that are not is that successful people have discovered that they don't need to exert more will power in the situation, they just simply need to release and let go. One of the most powerful areas of our life that we need to practice the principle of releasing and letting go in is the area of taking offense. This is an area that has a stronghold in many people's lives. People are often very quick to take offense to what someone else has said or done to them. We as human beings are very quick to live and own this area of private pain that we feel we have a right to instead of letting go and moving on.

In order to release and let go, we must get out of our own way! We have to let go of our own limiting beliefs, and by doing this it will allow us to change our own self-image and distorted viewpoints. We must take responsibility for the way we respond to situations, and live in a state of forgiving others and moving on not holding on. Thereby, as we have made room, we will be ready in our lives to receive blessings and abundance. Because you see, it is hard to fill a cup that is already full. When we do not want to release and let go, we allow our comfort zone to become a prison of subconscious rules. Rules concerning what we must do and what we must not do and rules of who we should and should not trust. This does not mean that we should be unwise about who we trust, but that your decisions should come from a place of freedom and not fear.

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