Learning from your past experiences is great, but I’m sure you’ll agree that being stuck in the memories really isn’t. Are you constantly living in your past, and do you want to break out? If so, read on!

Do you continually find yourself rehashing past events, all the while wishing they could have been different, better, more satisfying or fulfilling? Do you use the past as a way of licking your wounds and as a justification for why your life is going nowhere now? Are you fed up with this scenario? If you would like to free yourself from this endless rut of “what could have been” then now is the time.

Firstly I want you to notice something. That ‘video’ of the past that you are replaying is actually going on right now in your mind. Hence it is more appropriately said that you are living that past in the present. So, is that the kind of present you wish to be experiencing right now?

If not, then follow along. Place one hand over your heart and from your heart, simply say the following:
“I truly want to live in the present without interference from what I call my past.”

Now, notice how you feel. This will help gain some further clarity in what follows.

Secondly, that past is much like a video that is capturing your attention and which you happen to believe cannot be changed. Why is that? Well, because it is a commonly held belief by humans that once the past has passed it is gone forever and is therefore irretrievable.
Years ago while I was working as a psychotherapist and psychiatrist practising many interesting but ineffective therapies, I realised that this very belief i.e. the past cannot be changed, was the most significant impediment and (false) belief standing in the path of each and every individual’s empowerment. False belief, you ask? Yes!
It is false because it has been shown time and again that not only can the past be changed, it can also be completely and permanently erased from one’s conscious mind. You see, that past is like a video which can also be edited.

In other words, the past isn’t just some ethereal or insubstantial “thing”. Rather, it actually has substance and roots in our consciousness which can be effectively pulled out. While these roots are in place however the internal video of the past tends to dominate your attention, your conscious mind, your ability to think and focus, and ultimately the ability to feel and be in control of yourself. In other words, the past wrestles your life away from you.

Those roots exist in the form of what I call anchoring beliefs, i.e. beliefs that anchor a memory of the so-called past into your mind, body, unconscious, energy field etc. An example of an anchoring belief pertaining to a negative memory might be something like:
That memory has taught me how to protect myself from the same thing ever happening again.

Interestingly such beliefs, as I said, anchor and hold those negative memories into you perpetually. These memories, which also make up what you think of as the video of your life history, have the tendency to limit your consciousness, restrict your freedom to live creatively, make you feel imprisoned and ultimately parasitically drain your Life Force Energy from your body thereby killing you. In other words they are toxic to you.

Another anchoring belief (and this will challenge many readers) is the belief that “the memory actually happened”. In hundreds of coaching clients over the last ten years this belief has readily and easily been challenged and released thereby helping these individuals find their way to freedom from their limiting past.

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