Displaying art on the walls of your home is about more than just decoration. The choice of images which you make will be seen as a reflection of your personality and the face you wish to present to the world. Whilst a few privileged people are able to purchase original one off works of art, for most of us, canvas photo prints are the best and most flexible choice.

When it comes to thinking of Easter gift ideas, many people feel comfortable falling back on the tried and tested options of chocolates and Easter eggs. When you’re buying for children then this is probably the safest and most desirable option, but if you want to find the right gift for friends or family then you may wish to come up with something which is a little bit more original and will doubtless be more impressive. If this is what you want to do, then buying and giving canvas prints represents a fantastic option, because it allows you to select a gift which will be personal in nature and which is selected expressly with the personality of the recipient in mind. Despite the number of canvas photo prints which are available, however, finding one which is exactly right can often be extremely difficult. After all, the whole point of giving a work of art is that you want to hand over something a little bit more original than most things, and this is going to be severely undercut by the simple fact of a print being mass produced. This means that there are hundreds more exactly the same in the shop, and that very many other people will have the self same work of art in their own home, all of which detracts somewhat from any sense of originality. The affordable answer to this conundrum lies in creating your own print, and the advances of digital photography have brought this option within easy reach of everyone. All that you have to do is select an image which you think would make a suitable work of art and then upload it to the relevant website. It may be a touching family portrait, a brooding landscape shot or your most artistic image, the choice is yours and the software makes it easy to turn the relevant image into a stunning work of art. The canvas used is of professional quality and is both wipe clean and impervious to the damaging effects of sunlight, meaning it will be as stunning years later as it is the day it goes up on your wall. Once printed, the image will be stretched onto a solid wooden frame using the stylish ‘wrap around’ effect, meaning the finished object will look as good as anything you could buy from a gallery, art shop or furniture retailer.

There are other Easter gifts which you can make using your own images, and these include fridge magnets, key rings and photo calendars. Whether you go for something small and inexpensive, or lavish and luxurious, the fact that it’s based on one of your own photographs will mean it touches the heart of whoever receives it.

The list of Easter gift ideas which you can fashion using your own images is growing all the time, such is the awesome flexibility of digital technology. Canvas prints and photo calendars are just two of the fantastic items which you can now create, and the only limit to the ways in which you use your own photographs is genuinely the power of your own imagination.

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take advantage of the digital revolution. Using your photographs to make personalized photo calendars or canvas prints will mean you’re handing over something which will truly move anyone who receives it.