Throughout life we grow accustomed to things, to needs, and to the belief in how things must be. We believe we can't do without them, that in order to be happy things must be a certain way. But do they have to be? And what happens when we lose the things that are necessary to us? When life stops conforming to our understanding of how we must live, what do we do? We might believe certain patterns in our life are necessary for our happiness. But the belief that we must have something or somehow live a certain way in order to feel happiness and fulfillment is an illusion, for any moment can erase that illusion; all things can change. That is why it is best to let go now, in this moment, to release all things that we deem necessary to find happiness.

We can be happy with life as it is right now, without needing it to always conform to our idea of it. The processes we live by also constrict us. We get locked into a way of being by these choices and in turn locked in our patterns. These we can do without and we can grow exponentially because we have let go. Take one thing in your life that you think you must have, and imagine letting go of it, whether it is a material thing or a ritual in your life. Now what would you do with that space and time that revolved around that product or ritual. You could do whatever you want at that very moment. Take chances like these to open up your days, change your outlook, and alter your way of viewing life.

It can be surprising how many habits we have developed over time. How often we stick to a schedule that really no longer speaks to us at all. Find yourself by letting go of your attachments because you will have given yourself the freedom to do as you please in every moment. Let the freedom to alter your habits develop and your life will unroll into who you really are. When we let go of our fixations and necessities, we begin to realize how happy we can be without all we thought necessary. It can be quite fun to do this. In fact, it is uplifting. Start with one attachment you believe is necessary and let it go. Begin with just one and see how it feels. The more you let go of, the more room there is for you to grow, the more you will learn about yourself as you have space to do as you wish with all moments.

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