Whenever you want to experience a huge breakthrough in your business, you have to start where you are.

You may be disappointed that you’re not making more money at this point in your biz. If you’re just starting out you might be on pins and needles because you need to make money ASAP. Maybe you just quit your job and your significant other is on your back about the finances. Or you know you’re charging too little and working too much.

Whatever is happening in your business right now needs to be acknowledged on an emotional level.

Breathe. And acknowledge what’s really eating you up.

Then own it.

Take responsibility. Say to yourself, "Yep, this is how I'm feeling. I created my current results. Here I am. It is what it is. And so what?"

Surrender to what is. With no judgment.

So what if you've been struggling to manifest your business goals?
So what if it's taking longer than you thought?
So what if you've had to borrow money from your retirement funds or family?
So what if you're working too hard?
So what if you have fear about selling?
So what if you’ve been rejected?
So what if you used to make more than this in a corporate job?
So what if you’re in debt up to your eyeballs?

What do your results mean about you?

That you weren’t aligned with what you wanted. That’s it. Nothing more. You’re still smart, give amazing value and have what it takes to create a super fun and mega profitable business.

Life happens. To everyone.

Take some time to release any shame or drama about where you are or where you’ve been.

The worst thing you can do for increasing profits is being caught up in negative thoughts and putting yourself through the wringer ... over and over.

It is what it is. So what? Now what?

I know what. You're about to get back your profit mojo by stepping back into your power and taking control of your outcomes. No more being smothered in the past.

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