Many times when we hear the word fear we think of being afraid, scared and frightened. These words translate into a feeling which we can experience. This lets us know we are being fearful. Some feel fear is a good thing as it is what keeps us from being in a dangerous situation. It is what keeps us from jumping off a cliff or walking in front of a moving car. Do you really need to experience fear in order to know that you do not want to jump off the cliff or walk in front of that car? Some within this school of thought realize that fear can control behavior. If you want somebody to not do something, then just make them fearful of it and they will not do it. We call this projection, where one projects their own fear onto another and the other accepts it as a truth. One can also project a fear onto another that they themselves do not have but do this as a form of manipulation. This is often seen in people who are very controlling of others. The key to projection though is the individual who is being projected upon must accept the projected fear as a belief or truth.

There are other schools of thought that teach fear is a negative and we must overcome our fears and that in order to succeed we must conquer our fears. This leads one to think that fear is the bad guy and we need to fight it in order to get rid of it. They teach the only way to rid yourself of your fears is to overcome them by facing, them taking them head on and destroying them. Some of the way these schools of thought offer to do this are to set safety guidelines for yourself, avoid “dangerous situations” or to act boldly in the face of fear. All these techniques involve altering or changing you outward experience. That alone will not change anything in the long term. While your behavior may change all you are really doing is changing how you respond to the fear but have not altered that actual fear.

There are many types of fears and fear is experienced in many different ways. The fears we will be primarily talking about here are those that stop you for living your life, having the experiences you desire and being who you really are. We are talking about the fears that are reflected in your beliefs about somebody, some thing and yourself.

Many see fear as a reaction to something that is occurring to us. We see this experience as happening to us. As you gaze out into your external word and based on your beliefs you react to what you see, observe and are experiencing. It is as if you are saying to yourself “because of this event I am fearful”. Fear is not happening to us from some external force but it happens because of us. Our life and everything in it reflects our vibrations. If your predominate vibrations are in the fear range your life will reflect this. It becomes a vicious cycle for as the more you focus on your fears the more they grow in strength and intensity.

Fear like everything else is energy. As energy it has a vibration and or frequency associated with it. We experience this fear energy in our emotions, feelings, behavior or actions, in our thoughts, in our beliefs and in our words. We as creators do not create the energy of fear; we create with the energy of fear. We use this energy as a vibration and or frequency to create experiences that reflect the energy vibration we used to create with in the first place. The energy we call fear is then experienced emotionally through what we call negative emotions. The energy is not negative but because we experience it emotionally through what we have defined as negative emotions we call the energy negative.

Where do our fears come from? They come from our beliefs about something and that belief reflects something other than what we want and who we are. Many of these beliefs we have been taught or conditioned to be true and real.

So let’s look at fear from a different angle. What if fear was neither a positive nor a negative but just is? When we experienced any sort of fear it was our clue that in order to experience something we desire we need to shift or change. Fear is not the problem but the fact that we stay stuck in it. We focus on it to the point that it becomes so big and so real that sometimes it is hard to release it. Releasing fears involves releasing the emotion grip fear can have on us.

When one focuses on their fears so much it is entirely possible that you can begin to identify with that fear and become that fear. Where ever you place your focus is what you energetically align with. If you focus so much on all the things that anger you long enough you actually become the energy of anger. We see that when we see somebody we call an angry person. They seem to have a chip on their shoulder and seem to be angry at everything. Their beliefs reflect their fears and they experience it all with the emotion of anger.

When you can look at fear as something that just is, it can serve us as it will tell us something about ourselves. There is a nugget of knowledge in each fear experience. It offers us an opportunity to expand beyond where we are now and into a better place based on what it is we desire. When we can look objectively and without passing judgment at our fears we can gain insight into what it is telling us about ourselves. It will tell us what our limiting beliefs are. From there it is much easier to release, shift and expand beyond the scope of who we think we are. We come to a place of a new understanding of ourselves and what it is that we desire.

In order to shift energy you release one energy and use another from which to create from. We commonly refer to this as letting go but it is more than just letting go because you also replace. You let go of one energy and replace it with another. You replace it with one that feels better. You can do this by shifting your beliefs, focus and perceptions. Visualizing what one desires is a powerful tool to help with this process. Fear keeps us from experiencing something we want. We do not have to live in fear; we do not have to live with our fears. We can change anything in our lives that we so desire to at anytime we desire to. You can begin to release the grip that fear has on you. Change your focus, replace your beliefs, and adopt a new and fresh perspective that serves you and what it is you desire. You do not have to wait until the fear has a firm grip on you, in fact it is easier one you if you do not wait that long. Let you emotions be your guide. Anytime you experience any negative emotion let that be your cue that you have a fear going on. Look at it but do not dwell in it. Ask what is this telling me?

There are some simple visualizations and affirmations you can do to help yourself release your fears as you work on your shifting. Here is a example: Sit quietly and close your eyes. Focus on just your breathing for a few minutes. Then as you breathe in visualize that you are taking in positive energy, allow yourself to feel this energy. As you breathe out, visualize and allow yourself to feel all negativity being release out in your breath. Repeat this several times or until you feel better. As you breath in you can add any of these this affirmations: I am joy, I am happiness, I am prosperity, I am success. As you breath out add any of these affirmations: I release freely all that no longer serves me, I release all limits, I release all blocks. It is important to remember to allow you self to feel the release; fell the letting go.

I encourage you to develop your own affirmations and use them in this exercise. You can also write them in a journal and say them everyday. You can also write them on a sticky note and place them on your bathroom mirror as a reminder. Explore what works best for you. The important thing to remember is that your visualizations and affirmations must have meaning to you and that you allow yourself to feel the energy of what you are visualizing and affirming.

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Mary Anne Cipressy is the co-owner of ITSC (In The Spirit Coaching). ITSC provides personal coaching on self empowerment, Mastering the Law of Attraction, Living your life now and being who you really are. Mary Anne co-produces and co-hosts a weekly internet talk radio show on Blogtalkradio and has co-authored several workbooks.