Purpose and Greatness. These are two very powerful words. These are words that when used in proper context give meaning to us. The question I have for you is: Are you operating in and releasing Your Purpose and Your Greatness?

Your Purpose and Your Greatness go hand in hand. When you are in Your Purpose you sharing Your Greatness.

Your Purpose is what you were wired to do. Whether you are a teacher, a musician, an engineer, or something, this is what you are wired for.

As you share Your Purpose and your gift with the world something wonderful and marvelous takes place. You allow others to share their Purpose and Greatness.

A wonderful example of Purpose for you: In the movie “Rock Of Ages”, one of the characters thinks he can make his dream of performing music come true by violating his true passion. His passion was singing rock music and he tries singing pop music. In the scene where he is singing pop music he is no into what he is doing and the crowd knows it. He spots his love in the crowd and walks off the stage to reconcile their relationship. After reconciling their relationship, he gets back on stage singing a song that he has written. He loves what he is singing and so does the crowd. He has made his music dream a reality.

Another example, but one with more application. Growing up, I was not a very confident young man. I decided to run track in the 7th grade. My track coach was an outstanding teacher and coach; an excellent encourager. I believe his name was Mr Easterbrook. I was not a great athlete. However, he believed in me and helped me get better. I ran the 100M and 200M dash. In the races that I ran, I placed 3rd. That is decent and for my age and what I was doing that was actually great. After the season was over, he mentioned to me that the 3rd place finishes I did gave a lot of points over the season. That really touched me and encouraged me to do better.

Mr Easterbrook’s encouragement of me helped me to grow beyond where I was at the time. His greatness helped me to grow.

Your Purpose and Your Greatness are there for you to not only create Your Vision and Destiny but to also help show others their Purpose and Greatness. When you display Your Purpose, it helps other see their Purpose. You being you with helps others see who they are.

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Your Purpose, Vision and Destiny Coach,


Author's Bio: 

Andy Craig has 15+ years of self-development and leadership study under his belt. In 2006, he attended a leadership seminar that started him on his path to life coaching. After conversations with fellow students, he realized that he had a rare gift: the gift to inspire. Shortly after, Andy took on his first coaching client and saw a huge shift in him during their time working together. That was all it took to motivate him to help other people, pouring into their lives and seeing them understand who they are, what they are able to do, and discover their Purpose, Vision and Destiny in life.

Andy started Abundant Life Coaching with the intent of providing individuals and companies achieve the results they desire. (Open and honest communication is also high on his priority list!) A “glass half-full” kind of guy, Andy’s positive attitude and boundless energy permeates in everything he does. His Christian core values help him see the God-given potential that is within each person, and he strives to assist them in drawing it out.


Andy has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Speech in the Business Environment from the University of Washington. He has also done extensive training and studying through Klemmer & Assoc. His professional work includes 10+ years of sales and marketing in the auto, home and life insurance industries. He has also worked in the Direct Sales Industry, Home Improvement Industry, Automobile Industry, and multiple network marketing companies. Additionally, Andy speaks to audiences around the United States, and was recently the keynote speaker for the network marketing company Dream Tree Family.