Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown. Ross Perot

Everything we do is either to feel or avoid some emotion. How you feel does matter. Mindset contributes 80% to success. If your mindset is not in the right place, all of the information about marketing will not make a difference.

Ready to market your business online and offline, but are procrastinating and busying yourself with activities which really don’t help? You might want to look deeper for the reason. Many times there are opposing beliefs.

It is possible to have one part of you want to get out there and participate in social networking. Another part of you is apprehensive, avoiding taking action. When you have two primary, but contradicting beliefs, progress will be very difficult. The goal is to create a clear focus and then move in that direction.

Some obstacles keeping solopreneurs stuck in their tracks include wealth, self worth, disappointment or fear of public speaking. Fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of death for many people.

Once you become aware of what is holding you back from social networking and growing your business, you have a choice. Do you want to change it, or not?

Become aware

Awareness of your barriers to networking and public speaking as part of your marketing strategy is the first step toward change. Your beliefs and doubts become reinforced through events in your life, many times unconsciously. Notice why you are avoiding marketing, online and face-to-face.

Getting out there in front of others can be uncomfortable. I guarantee you will be judged by others. What comes up for you when you think about that? Are you absolutely sure that is how others will perceive you? Unless you are a heckler, typically you hope to learn something new.

Does marketing somehow remind you of experiences you had when you were younger? This will reveal some of the reasons you might have blocks with marketing and public speaking. Something occurred earlier in your life and then you formed a belief.

So often I hear from my clients that “I worked through that issue” or “I can’t possibly see how that is related to what is happening now.” If some old memory popped up, then it probably has something to do with your current reasons for how you are feeling. Otherwise, you would not have had that thought pop into your head.

This is similar to weeding in your garden. You don’t want to just pick the weed above the ground. You want to pull it out by its roots to prevent it from sprouting again. Go beyond the obvious reasons for avoidance or procrastination with social networking.

The answers are available

Just as there are many reasons not to market your business, there are just as many reasons to progress despite the fears.

My social networking and public speaking skills were acquired. When I first began speaking, I would have an aerobic heartbeat just about the thought of being onstage or in front of a group. With support, practice and visualization, I overcame that block. By the way, I also used the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help clear the energy blocks.

There are so many resources available for teaching you about the finer points of public speaking and networking, online as well as face-to-face. Toastmasters and networking meetings were a great resource for me. I even worked with a coach to fine tune my presentation and an EFT Practitioner to clear my remaining apprehension.

Turning a negative into a positive

Once the core issues are resolved, the other things which appear to have been issues will resolve themselves easily. The goal is to turn a negative into a positive. Instead of trying to get away from a problem, consider how it would be different if you decided to move toward a solution. The action steps might not change, but your perception will and that is powerful.

I knew I wanted to begin presenting at conferences. There are many parts to public speaking and your anxiety might be about a different aspect of it than mine. So the first step is to figure out which part has the most anxiety for you. I had two parts, right before going up to present and then being in front of an audience.

Examining my thoughts about being in front of an audience was powerful. I realized I perceived the audience as hostile. Me against them. I was separated from them and “on the outside.” My solution was to find a way to connect with the audience. Once I was able to imagine a connection and use my skills to gain rapport, the anxiety began to slip away.

Activity: Find one reason you are hesitant to network and speak. Now ask yourself “why”. Each time you write something down, ask yourself “why.” Do that at least five times. It might sound tedious, but it will help you get beyond the obvious surface reason. The hesitancy for stepping out and social networking might not be what you think it is.

Know you are ready to get out there in a BIG way, but you hold yourself back? Just don’t feel confident about yourself or feel others will take you seriously? So often we avoid opportunities because of our self image and being concerned about other people’s opinions. It is impossible to please everyone all the time. Growing your business is about saying “yes” to you!

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