For every professional and personal relationship to flourish, effective communication is important and utterly necessary. Your expressions and gestures help in re-enforcing the words you speak. Expressions provide meaning to your words.

Communication is thus, one of the most important tools of handling customers and other stake-holders of a business. Communication has to be strategically designed and executed through proper channels and gestures.

Expressions in Communication help you to connect with your clients and other parties genuinely and to create a greater impact. Whether its communication in the professional or personal life, it should be positive and clear. Some of the most important gestures in the communication process are:

- Body Posture: Body posture also plays an important role in the communication process. Sitting and standing straight and tall creates a great impression.

- Eye Contact: Having an eye contact with a person while talking reflects your confidence while talking and interest and willingness while listening. But you must not stare at the person for more than 15 seconds.

- Facial Expressions: Your face is the mirror of your heart and mind. It must reflect each and every word that you speak. Your sentiments must match with your words. Always stay calm and composed.

- Fluency: The fluency with which you speak a language also determines the interest of the listener.

- Match your tone with your words: The tone of your voice must be in sync with the words you speak. The tone and modulations of your voice can change the meaning of the entire message.

- Listening: Listening is an important part of the business communication process. You must listen to other people as well while expressing your feeling. You must ensure that you are not causing infringement of the rights of others.

Therefore, according to the content of what you want to say, use your expressions, body language, facial expressions and tone etc. You can either make or break a deal through your non-verbal expressions and signals.

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