Relevant content is a fundamental requirement for any effective content marketing effort. In today’s business time is one of the major factor that every business men considered as the most precious commodity. The sentence implies that they need easy way to access all the information within their required time. Under these circumstances, relevant marketing content is essential for creating and maintaining engagement with potential buyers.

Before getting started, first thing that you need to understand is customers, and you must understand what makes them tick. Before dealing to your own problems and challenges, it’s better to understand customers’ problems and challenges that they are fighting hard to get that conquered.

So now the question comes how to do that? So, here below are some of the ways where you can mention in a manner where everything will be simple and clear.

A complete B2B buyer persona will contain the following eight components:

• Type of business - The type of business the buyer works for. This will be drawn from your ideal customer profile.
• Job title/function - The buyer's position in the prospect organization.
• Buying role - The role the buyer plays in the purchasing decision process. Common roles include the user buyer and the economic buyer.
• Objectives/responsibilities - The major business objectives and job responsibilities of the buyer.
• Performance measures - The measures used to evaluate the buyer's job performance.
• Strategies - What the buyer does to achieve his/her objectives and fulfill his/her job responsibilities.
• Major issues/concerns - This is the heart of the buyer persona. If you can identify what issues and problems are keeping your potential buyers awake at night, you can create compelling marketing content.
• Personal attributes - These attributes include the age, gender, education level, and compensation level of your buyer. Obviously, ranges will be used for most of these attributes.
Buyer personas simplify the content development process because they define the target audiences and identify the major issues that your content resources need to address.


Author's Bio: 

Linda Mentzer is a published author and senior marketing manager for an information management company that has helped sell thousands of software products on a global scale.