Immigration has never been as easy as it is assumed by some people. One has to follow the rules and regulation of the chosen country prior to flying abroad. If Canada is selected as the location to settle down permanently, then, certain questions get flooded in mind. Be it the time consumed in the visa processing formality, lifestyle, proof of employment or similar other questions, an individual has to get them addressed to stay at ease during migration. This is where Canada immigration consultantscome into the picture to guide applicants while addressing all their apprehensions. Let’s take a look at some of the basic questions posed by the people flying to Canada seeking permanent residency:

Do you have ICCRC registration number or any listing with bar council?

Accreditation is key to get the sure-shot outcome when it comes to find the best Canada immigration consultants. The certified consultants will not have any qualms in showing their ICCRC registration number. Therefore, asking them to share the details of any listing with bar council or ICCRC is the foremost question to ask any consultancy to know its resourcefulness and check reliability.

What was the last success rate on an average of immigration which you attained?

There is hardly any person who does not want testimonials or any sort of proof to justify the excellence of Canada immigration consultants. Therefore, seeking reviews or last success rate on an average is the best way to get the insights of an immigration agency.

What is the average cost of your comprehensive immigration services?

Most of the immigration consultants offer comprehensive services to their clients. In short, the plan comprises of multiple services to offer hassle-free services to them. Hence, it is wise to ask these consultants to estimate the average of the immigration consultation services. This will indeed give a rough idea about the pricing further enabling the skilled worker to allocate the funds for immigration appropriately.

Do your services cover the entire immigration process?

The coverage policies vary in the policies of Canada immigration consultants. Some cover the immigration process partially while others are liable to entirely cover the process. This is exactly the reason behind touching upon this question. Moreover, it is always better to be prepared about coverage limit so that the other sources are easily lined up for further assistance.

Is there any specific one-time consultation scheduled by you for immigration?

Some of the consultancies have their customized services related to immigration. Nevertheless, one may ask about any one-time consultation or other specific plans from Canada immigration consultants. This will form a clarity about the consultation variety and other provisions offered by the consultants.

Could you please recommend the right immigration for me and its implication?

Every skilled worker or a professional seeking immigration consultation is unique in his/her own way. It further implicates that immigration plans with customized consultation also become applicable. Therefore, it is the right decision to take an advice from the immigration consultants regarding the plan along with its implication. Undoubtedly, knowing the importance of the plan becomes the source of motivation to invest on the services of Canada immigration consultants.

What are the prospects for obtaining immigration and visa approval?

It is obvious that all the efforts of consultation and preparation for immigration will be fruitful, if the prospects are enquired. Ideally, the person applying for immigration consultation should secure all the details about prospects and visa approval options. This will in turn lead to a practical information reserve for decision making whether the chosen immigration consultants are suitable or not.

Apart from the above stated questions, an individual should always conduct an in-depth research online. This is a smart way to access details through reviews, client testimonials, FAQs and related resources to authenticate certifications of Canada immigration consultants. In totality, this information will save time of a skilled worker in conducting the manual background-check of the consultancy. On the contrary, keeping a balance of details and reviews available online as well as asking the above questions should always be maintained. Lastly, it can be summed up that immigration consultants have a vast reserve of information, but, it should also be backed up by accreditation, certification and excellence.

Author's Bio: 

Anirudh Sharma is an Immigration adviser associated with MapleCan Visas is the most trusted and iccrc registered Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE.