Relief For Arthritis Sufferers

How your body and mind affects your arthritis. Three things you can do that will help relieve your arthritis.

Did you know no matter how bad you hurt or how sick you are, that everything you do, think and feel will have an effect on your body?

This is particularly true for people that suffer from arthritis.

Take a close look at your mental attitude, your diet and your exercise. Mental activity, diet and exercise all work together. These three aspects of your life will either continue to make you sick or they will help you to become and stay well.

Let’s take a look at the mental attitude part of this.

Take a look at your attitude.... What has positive and negative affects on your attitude? You will make a great difference in the way you feel mentally and physically by enhancing on the positive and removing the negative influences in your life.

Every thought you have your body will reacts to that thought.

Positive thoughts and feelings will create positive results, while negative thoughts and feeling will create negative results.

So if you are a calm and positive person your health will be better than a person who is anxious and negative.

To make yourself more serene, stand tall, throw your shoulders back, lift up your head and smile. Try it. Don’t you feel better?

Now stand up and look down, slump your shoulders and frown. Now how do you feel? Did you feel the difference?

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

When I was 16 my bedroom was on the third floor on a semi-busy street. One afternoon my girl friend and I were leaning out the window watching people as they walked by.

Down the street came a man in his 20’s, who we thought looked older… dragging himself along. His shoulders drooped. He shuffled his feet and his clothes just hung on him.

We both gave a “wolf whistle” and the man looked all around not knowing where the whistle came from. He then straightened up, put his shoulders back, and strutted down the street whistling.

It made a lasting impression on me because he felt a positive feeling which caused a positive effect.

Just think back to your childhood. When you were praised how did you look and feel? When you were scolded how did you look and feel?

When your body is tense or you feel unhappy or have negative thoughts your body will react and your arthritis will hurt more than when you are calm, happy and have positive thoughts.

Be aware of your mental attitude and note how different situations have an effect your arthritis. Then you can take charge and change the affects they have on your arthritis. Out with the Bad and in with the Good!!!

You are not responsible for what others do or say, you are only responsible for how you react to what others do or say.

Now about the foods you eat

When you have arthritis it is more important that you have a diet made up of 75% raw and 25% cooked foods.

Eating raw fruits takes less energy to digest than eating cooked foods therefore taking less energy to clean out the toxic waste in your body. The less toxic waste you have in your body the less your arthritis will hurt.

We are the only species that eats cooked foods and we are the only species that suffer with so many degenerative diseases.

Relief For Arthritis Sufferers

Arthritis is one of the main degenerative diseases. Over 90 Million people in the United States have arthritis.

Exercise relieves the pain of arthritis

If you have arthritis you know how hard it is to get up after sitting for any period of time. You’re so toxic and tense that you hurt to move.

Try some simple exercises in your chair.

1. Swing your arms around in circles.
2. Lift up one leg at a time.
3. Turn your body as far to the right as you can and then to the left.
4. While sitting tighten your buttocks and lift your body up from the chair. You won’t lift it far if at all but you will feel the body lift.

Start with just doing these simple exercises three or four times each for a few minutes and working yourself up to 10 times three or four times a day. If you like to walk start slow. If it is only 10 feet, walk 10 feet. Everyday increase it another 5 feet.

You will be amazed how better you will feel.

Swimming or exercising in water is marvelous. In the water your body is weightless. You do not have to swim you can just walk back and forth or do the above exercises. Try doing this at least 20 minutes three times a week.

The trick to exercising and staying with it is to do something you enjoy and with a friend or a group when possible.

My daughter Susan and I meet at the pool where I live 3 times a week for 20 minutes to half hour. It is fun, we get to chat and we do our exercises. It is better than meeting in a restaurant and sitting and eating bad foods.

Always ask your doctor before starting an exercise program of any kind.

You are the only one that can change your life. Do you want to shuffle along or do you want to strut along whistling? The choice is yours.

Remind yourself daily... If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me!

Author's Bio: 

Margie Garrison is an authority on the treatment of arthritis, a self-published author of the book I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too and her free weekly alternative health newsletter, Amazing Secrets To Fantastic Health.

Margie has raised four children, walked on fire with Tony Robbins, traveled the country, and appeared as a guest speaker on over 200 radio shows and six TV talk shows.

Because of her 43 year struggle with arthritis, unable to find answers through traditional medicine, Margie spent several years researching and found an alternative technique that enabled her to be free from her arthritis for over 25 years.

She has dedicated her life to helping people who suffer with arthritis and other ailments.