Your diet has a crucial role to play in your general fitness and well-being. What's more, it may influence your back health as well. Luckily, there are several foods and eatables that will help increase your back and protect it from pain. Here's more about the same.

If you are suffering from sciatica, Omega 3 fats would be good for you. It has been noted that these work best for all sorts of back trouble. The omega Three fats work by reducing redness in the back which is the basic reason for pain. They accelerate blood flow in the areas affected which leads to an increased oxygen supply here. This is what reduces the pain and relaxes the lower back. The food that are rich in omega 3 fats are fish and other seafood. Salmon, herring, shellfish and sardines are some fish that have high omega 3 content. Well, the vegetarian ones need not worry, you can pick anything from tofu, beans and walnuts.

Sciatica is caused as a result of inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Likewise, all forms of back pain are caused because of inflammation of the adjoining nerves. Vitamin D helps treat this inflammation and provides an answer to back stiffness. In addition, it can also help improve muscle and nerve function. Including Vitamin D as a part of your nutritional intake can help strengthen your back.

Our body has the ability to produce Vitamin D naturally in the company of daylight. Walking in the daylight for 20 mins daily will leave your body with sufficient Vitamin D. But in case that isn't possible you can mull over taking Vitamin D additions. Milk and dairy goods are also a superb source of Vitamin D.

Including olive oil in your daily cooking is a smart way to treat sciatica naturally. This oil contains COX inhibitors- a substance that's also present in the drug ibuprofen. These inhibitors work by slowing down the COX enzymes that cause inflammation and eventual back trouble. As powerful and effective as ibuprofen ; olive oil provides back trouble relief sans any upsetting side-effects. You may use the same while cooking or simply add it to salads.

Moving on, anti-oxidating agents are also known to treat back trouble effectively. They work against the free radicals present in the body. These oxidising compounds are known to break the nerves and cause issues like back stiffness. With these present in your body, you would experience an increased sensitiveness to pain. Therefore, anti-oxidating compounds are your answer for oxidising compounds. Strawberries, blue berries and blackberries have antioxidants properties. You can relish the flavour of these fruits and at the very same time get rid of oxidising compounds from your body.

Include these foods in your regular diet and you won't have to rely on back stiffness medications.

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