In a past life I have been told several times by psychic mediums, I was a Catholic Priest. For me this rings true. I also I feel I have karmic baggage from this life as a priest that I am clearing in this life. Funny enough in this life I don't consider myself religious at all, religion doesn't really resonate with me. I consider myself a spiritual person, I believe in a supreme creator, God, ET's, our higher nature and spirit in many forms. This article is not to convince you or win you over in one way or the other, as ultimately we all have free choice what we believe.

There is some truth in religion, but often the message has been distorted over time, and it has a human separation element. Some religions teach that we are separate from God, and we need to worship him. Some say that we are born sinners and we need to repent our sins. Does that sound like a loving creator or human interpretation and dogma? I believe we are a part of God simply having a human experience. And because we are a part of God, we are also a co-creator on the earth plane.

There have been many great teachers over the ages, to assist humanity on their spiritual path. Unfortunately some of their messages have been altered, to suit the priests and churches in power at the time. For some seeking religion can be an awakening experience, to question the meaning of life and contemplate why we are here. For me personally I believe that essentially we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. As we are walking around as a human being, over time we ultimately seek the light and enlightenment.

As a free will human being, our spiritual awakening is a very personal experience. For some, they may find spiritual nourishment in religion, or perhaps in meditation or a new age movement. We are all essentially different people, and therefore there is a lot of choice when it comes to faith. Planet Earth is a very diverse planet, no one looks the same, and we have many different races and cultures. For me being a spiritual person is to accept everyone as they are and not attempting to change them. We all walk a unique path in life, and it is not up to us to judge another.

What we believe and have faith in today will probably change tomorrow, as we are constantly evolving. Change is a part of life. Our understanding is always increasing, through our experiences and learning. Keeping an open mind is important, because what we believe in today may change in the future. Whether you consider yourself a religious or spiritual person, doesn't really matter. What matters is that you try to make the highest choices in life and be kind to yourself and others.

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Brad Austen is a meditation teacher and been on a spiritual path for many years. He has studied meditation, psychic development and mediumship and brings these unique qualities to his guided meditations. He has produced five guided meditation CDs to date which are available in MP3 format. For more information see his website: