Are you planning a trek for adventure, cultural encounters and spiritual cleansing? Nepal is the abode to the most stunning treks in the world. From spectacular Everest Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Langtang to Manaslu Circuit Trek and the Nar Phu Valley Trek, Nepal is the best destination for adventurous souls. 


If you are planning to go on an adventure trek, Nepal has it all! Trekking in Nepal is best for you. The scenery, close-up view of local art and culture in the Himalayas will be a treat to the eyes. Ready to go on an adventure? Read on further to know other fascinating assets of this amazing place.


Everest Three Passes Trek


This trek will take you to more than 5000m+ passes. It truly holds a heavenly experience of the Everest region. This 3 weeks trail includes the Everest base camp trek. 


As you cross the Kongma La, Cho La and Renjo La passes, You get to see a picturesque view of the giants in the heart of the Himalayas. You can also combine your trek with another Everest base camp trek. The maximum elevation that you will get is at Kongma La pass which is 5535m. The trek is very challenging so maintain your physical fitness before the trek. 


If you are inquisitive to know more about the Everest base camp trek, click on the link below:


Manaslu Circuit Trek


This trek has become highly accessible as new lodges were constructed in 2010. The Manaslu Circuit trek has amazing features. You will be amazed to see the deep lush valley at a lower elevation. 


On the higher elevation, the view from the 8000m peak is breathtaking. The best part of the trek is that the entire trek is interesting and is unspoiled by visitors. You will get to see the real beauty of nature. 


This trek has lesser trekkers in comparison to the other treks. To get to the trailhead, you need to have an 8-hours drive from Kathmandu. The minimum duration for this trek is 13 days. Max elevation is 5106 m. (Larkya La Pass). This trek can be challenging for people with less physical fitness. `


Langtang Trek 


This trek will have your heart. After the earthquake of 2015, the trek did not have enough travellers. However, the guesthouses have been rebuilt. Trekkers have started to take this trek again. 


On the way, you will get to see magnificent jungles and the high alpine meadows. The yak pastures around the Kyangjin Gompa looks highly pleasing. 


You can go for an optional day hike to the peak of Kyangjin Ri. You need to take a drive of 7 hours from Kathmandu to get to the trailhead. The trek is of around 7 days with a maximum elevation of 3800 m at Kyanjin Gompa.


The Annapurna Base Camp Trek


The Annapurna Base Camp takes you to the foot of Annapurna South. The scenery is very different from other treks. You need to take a 25 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara to get to the trailhead. After this, take a 2-hour drive. You can directly take an 8-hour drive from Kathmandu. 


The minimum duration of this Trekking in Nepal is 12 days. The Maximum elevation is 4130 m. The difficulty is of moderate level.


In case you wish to know more about the Annapurna base camp trek, visit the link below:


Upper Mustang Trek


You will get to see an arid desert landscape in the Upper Mustang Trek. It has a completely distinct landscape that cannot be seen in other treks. It has many shades of brown and crumbling sandstone cliffs.


This region is situated in the desert rain shadow of the Himalaya. Earlier Mustang had its kingdom. It has a strong Tibetan influenced tradition which makes this trek very interesting. 


To reach the trailhead, you can take two connecting flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara and then from Pokhara to Jomsom. The min duration is 12 days. The maximum elevation here is 3810 m.

Best Trekking Experience - Trekking in Nepal


Nepal is best for trekking and adventure. The Terrain of Nepal has several stunning routes for trekking. Click the link below to know more about Trekking in Nepal


Nepal has many treks that have different experiences to offer. All the routes are very different and unique in their way. They have different levels of difficulty and tenure. Your budget and trek style also plays a vital role in choosing the best trek for you. Get ready to enjoy breathtaking treks! 

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