Remake yourself.

If the way you're born and christened doesn't suit you, why, just remake yourself. Wally Brantley became W. Emerson Brantley III. Now, there's a big difference in vibratory frequency between Wally Brantley and W. Emerson Brantley III.

Know who he was talking to the most? He was talking the most to himself, to what he identified with. He changed his outer reality to reflect his inner reality.

Another good friend of mine is marketing maverick and maven Russ von Hoelscher. Well, he was really Russ Hoelscher until he discovered that decades earlier, one of his grandparents or great-grandparents had dropped the "von" during a time when it was very bad to blatantly be of German descent.

He knew that the "von" was a mark of royalty standing for baron, which ironically just meant that you had land. But having land was way more important back then than it is now; it was the key to wealth. So Russ adopted the "von", and who did he do it for? He did it for himself. He changed his circumstances to help communicate to himself, to help create his image in the world.

Now, I'm always suggesting that you be conscious in the plan and the identifications that you do, and that you take the steps that are necessary to do that, even in what seems like small ways.

These are not small ways, by the way. Both of these gentlemen made their name changes at a time when they were undergoing deep and profound processing of questions like, "Who am I? Who am I going to be? What do I want to do in this life? And how do I contribute—how am I going to make my mark?" This is all part of coming into adulthood, a rite of passage.

And I'm suggesting that those rites of passage can come at any mythical, HoloMagical moment. And just as they do, with the people like W. Emerson Brantley III and Russ von Hoelscher, and hundreds and thousands of others, in the lives of those who become conscious.

Become conscious of how you want to create your reality. Become definite, and take the steps that are necessary. Small steps at the correct times can affect all the days of your life, even if they just affect how you look upon and view yourself.

Being conscious. Small steps. A small rudder on a ship can change the entire direction and destination of that massive enterprise. Become conscious. Steer your own ship by design!

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