A career in designing attracts a very niche section of students, who are motivated to creatively express their talents through visually attractive artwork. Fashion designing is one such career avenue, which students can pursue after opting for a B.Des in Fashion Designing. If fashion designing interests you as well, you can opt for this course too, which will open the following career opportunities.

1. Fashion Designer

The role of a fashion designer is unsurprisingly the most pursued career choice amongst fashion designing students. It gives them the opportunity to work with popular brands, personalities, and achieve fame in the fashion industry. If you wish to follow this trope, you must understand the responsibilities of a fashion designer. Let's take a look at them.

You will be responsible for creating specific garments as per the client's requirement. It includes the garment's shape, colour, fabric, trimmings, and other aspects.

You must display the garment's idea in a sketch, and give a preview of what is to be made.

You must cordially work with people from different levels of fashions. It could be from well-known designers to entrepreneurs leading commercial ready-to-wear houses.

2. Fashion Forecasting

As a fashion forecaster, you will identify fashion trends based on factors such as colours, fabrics, textures, accessories, footwear, etc. With the information in-hand, you will pick out contemporary style trends that align with the on-going season. You will also be responsible for attracting customers to retail businesses and designers. It will not only help them sell their products but also establish their unique brand identity. Therefore, you can create a strategy for the same by understanding their business vision and creating a target profile for the same. The latter is done by collecting information about available merchandise, their compatibility with modern trends and thus, selecting the appropriate ones for a business and its target customers.

You can work in the automobile, medicine, food & beverages, and home furnishings industry.

3. Fashion Buyer

As a fashion buyer, you must have complete knowledge of what the store stocks up on and how should the merchandise be displayed. Since you will be in charge of selecting the items to be sold, you must know all the latest fashion trends. These trends should be ones which the customers would want to look out for in the form of products. Hence, you must develop people skills to persuade them into buying these products. These people skills will also come in handy while dealing with managers, suppliers, and merchandisers.

So, opt for a B.Des in Fashion Designing, one of the best ashion designing courses in Pune, and kickstart your dream career in fashion designing!

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