Are you looking for remedies for anxiety that does not necessarily come in a brown bottle? With all the thousands of pills being prescribed every day it's no wonder our mental health is some of the worse in the world. Treating mental illness with pills is absurd. All it really does it to put a band-aid on the real problem and by suppressing symptoms you cannot cure the disease.

So many remedies for anxiety are only plugging the problem and numbing your mind with dangerous drugs probably won't give you the quality of life that you really want. There are q lot of alternatives to treating anxiety effectively. Here are 3 ideas:

- Meditation

In recent years the ancient practices of mediation has gained some recognition in the western world but for the most part its very misunderstood. Meditation is not about cross legged gurus in white gowns. Meditation does not have to have any religious connections either. Out of all the many remedies for anxiety, meditation is reported to have the best results as an alternative treatment.

- Yoga

Yoga is almost as old as meditation and also has its origins in the ancient eastern cultures. Yoga combines breathing techniques and body postures in a very unique and often misunderstood way. Yoga is all about balance and recapturing your own inner energy. By uniting mind and body you can get rid of stress faster than any pill on the market. The health benefits of yoga is immense and more than anything it will help you to get centered and let go of all the anxious thoughts that are plaguing your life.

- Biofeedback

Biofeedback is all about training your mind to control your body. It's about learning the control of mind that can be the best remedy for anxiety. With various biofeedback techniques and equipment you can learn to speed up or slow down you heart rate and although this is only means to an end the end is learning to control your mind. More than anything, this will show you just how powerful your mind really is and how you can be in control.

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