There’s been a lot of talk about the severity and dangers involved with pet obesity recently and as we head into a new year its important to take a closer look at the remedies for the condition. And with the overall obesity epidemic joining in as a much-debated topic for humans, it’s no wonder why we’re also giving plenty of attention towards our furry little loved ones. Simply put, it’s important to find remedies for pet obesity, especially as we head into a new year with new outlook and intentions.
Flexpet, the all-natural joint nutrition vitamin that helps dogs and pets address joint discomfort and increase overall joint mobility knows all too well the perils of pet obesity. Each year FlexPet receives its highest percentage of inquiries immediately following the start of the New Year from pet owners whose dogs enjoyed too much holiday table fare. The pets become sedentary from the extra food, which leads to less movement and exercise and placing strain on joints and mobility.
The problems begin when pet owners overfeed their dogs and pets. From there begins a dangerous downward spiral that ends with painful joint discomfort and arthritis. Pet obesity is at the center of it all. The more pets eat the less inclined they are to feel like exercising. And while all of this can impact a human body over the course of months or even years, pets’ bodies are much smaller and feel more of an impact in a shorter amount of time.
There are many solutions to help your pet get back on its paws, without feeling too much pain. is a large network of animal welfare organizations and represents more than 356,000 adoptable pets. The organization works with over 13,000 shelter partners throughout North America to help find happy homes for pets. Keeping pets fit and trim has been a key to its success as the network has helped find happy homes for more than 16 million pets to date. The organization also prides itself on offering remedies for pet obesity in the form of education and information. The website offers an entire lineup of dog training videos to help keep your pet mentally sharp. In addition, it offers plenty of pet obesity education for owners who wish to read up on how to help their pets maintain an appropriate diet.
Getting up off the couch to take your dog for a walk each day is a great way to keep him active and shed a few holiday pounds yourself. Plus, moderate, daily activity can help both humans and animals maintain healthy joint mobility. After all, arthritis and joint pain plague humans and pets alike, therefore it only makes sense for humans and pets to work together to beat the debilitating disease. So get up and go with your pet this New Year and start 2011 off on a healthy note!

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