Relations are the chain to unite people and develop their love and strengthen the foundation of a family. But how can we build this unbreakable chain? And the answer is love. And love, simultaneously requires some valuable aspects. And among them beauty has a significant role. Today 70% of relations are developed on the beauty. Commonly, love makes relations. And relation is the link between the two, three or more individuals.

Despite the fact that every marriage successful life knows to make their love life going on well, there are many broken- relations which had occurred for the minor things such as one of the two guys at random used to catch cold or one of them is not looking cute and beautiful or handsome. Really, beauty of the man has become essential thing to be cared. it leads to put the man in distress and mind disorders.

For the man doesn’t want to express his feelings and it nibbles his power from within and makes him hallow. It is the serious problem towards man and necessarily to be resolved. See, the being dark or fair is the trait of personality and it should not be mocked. Yet we can try some home remedies for this purpose. Consider the following observations to enhance beauty of your face and to avoid cold.

• The very strong and power method is to use facial cleanser cream or scrub. It helps to abolish the skin cells.
• The skin cares of the man starts with shaving so and do avoid shaving in the morning.
• Men also suffer from the pimples on their face keep your face clean to kill pimples.
• Use a mild face wash twice a day.
• To keep your face moisture, apply moisturizer cream on your face.
• Lips sit at the face so use Vaseline to soften it.
• Shape your eyebrows consciously with a little hair spray applied to an old brush.
• Hairs are coarser and tend to persist the beauty so area under your lower lip requires special attention.
Regarding the home remedies for cold man has to take the intensive care-
• You can stay away from cold by inhaling fumes of turmeric powder.
• To get rid of cold, take a pinch of cinnamon mixed with a teaspoon of honey.
• To be relieved from the cold consume a spoon of betel leave juice it helps to cool down the cold sneezing problem as well.
• If you are facing your nose running put few drops of almond oil in the nostrils.
• Gently massage the middle of your head with castor oil it will help to cure your cold.
• Grind 7 black paper balls, mix it with a tea spoon of honey and take it every morning.
• We should eat the most but cold radish, liquid or sour food is as harmful for the cold as adding fuel to the fire. So conscious of these.

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