Recently singer Daniel Barrett of the Austin band Porterdavis came to my home for my weekly pre-production session for my forthcoming album of original music. As he walked up the stairs into my recording studio area, I started congratulating him on something he hadn’t done yet.

“Dan, it was great to see your book on the New York Times bestseller list. I felt proud to know I was a part of that process. And I’m thrilled to see that you can still make time for our lessons with all the media requests and offers you’re getting since your book hit it big time. “

Dan stood at the top of my stairs and took in what I was saying. I was using his own process on him. He was letting it sink in. He knew he hadn’t written his book yet. But he also knew I was speaking from the future, and reporting back to him what had happened.

“The reviews say your book is a breakthrough in creativity and has implications for quantum realities. Your millions of readers are loving your new process. And I loved seeing you on national television talking about it all.”

Dan introduced me to his Remembering Process at a recent lesson. I was struggling with writing my first songs. Dan said, “It’s easier to remember than to create.”

“It’s easier to remember than to create.”

He invited me to start trying to remember what my first song was all about. How it sounded. The lyrics. The melody. The chords. He wasn’t asking me to create it; he was asking me to remember it.

I started to get high on this fun process. I told Dan it felt like an advanced form of Nevillizing. In my book The Attractor Factor I invited readers to “Nevillize” a goal by pretending it had already happened. It’s what Neville Goddard taught. It’s a powerful way to implant a goal into your being.

But Dan’s “remembering” process was as if you had gone way off into the future, way past the completion of the goal, and you were now trying to remember how you accomplished it.

The first time Dan taught me his method, I couldn’t stop doing it. Our entire conversation was around, “I remember that my first song had this cool guitar lick in it.”

I’d then play the guitar lick.

I’d then stop and wonder what was next in the song.

Dan would say, “What do you remember being next?”

Obviously, there was no actual song in that moment,* yet because I was trying to remember one from the future, it egged me to be creative in a playful, curious, fun way.

And yes, I did write that first song.

And yes, it has some catchy guitar licks and hypnotic lyrics.

And yes, I loved the process of creating by remembering.

Dan is writing a book about his method. He has to, since I saw it in his future and told him I remembered it being a bestseller.

Meanwhile, I asked him to explain The Remembering Process for you. Here’s what he emailed to me:

“This process is akin to visualization. The only drawback of visualization is that once you start connecting to universal time, visualizing can almost take something “out of” your field. Wanting it suggests that you might not get it. Remembering it affirms that somewhere in the time space continuum you have had this thing for years. Eons. Really, forever since those measurements are pretty arbitrary when placed next to the other model of time.”

I explained this process to singer Sarah Marie and then demonstrated it by saying, ” I remember hearing you received an advance of one million dollars for your next music CD.”

Being a quick study, Sarah smiled and said, “Actually, it was for 1.2 million dollars.”

This blog post is the very first public sharing of this new secret to attracting what you want. Dan gave me permission to share this with you.

I suggest you play with this.

Whatever your next goal or intention happens to be, imagine it’s done and you’re way past it in time.

What you do next is remember the thrill of accomplishing it.

And from there you can play with remembering how you accomplished it.

In another email, Dan added this thought to help explain the Remembering Process:

“They say that Michelangelo felt he ‘freed’ the David from the stone. Somewhere in the time/space continuum, that sculpture was complete and finished. He remembered the form, and allowed it to enter it’s new life.”

I remember how much you loved this process.

I remember that you used the process a lot, and bought Dan’s book when it came out, and loved it.


PS – Daniel is in the award-winning band Porterdavis. I remember you checked them out and loved their music, too.

* Or was there?

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