Around 70-80% of the women are known to have a small dimply skin either on their thighs, abdomen and even on their backside. Studies show that cellulite is a way of storing extra fat to make sure women have ample reserves at the time of their pregnancy and breastfeeding.


The connective tissues are oriented in a way that it shows up as irregular lumps in different parts of the body.


As unfortunate as it may sound, this type of fat seems to linger for life. Even men fall prey to this and over a period gets an orange-peel or cottage cheese look. However, with time, cosmetic surgery has come up with many fresh and innovative ways to eliminate cellulite fat. And one of those innovative techniques refers to Endermologie Lipomassage.


A Take On Endermologie Lipomassage.


This is a non-invasive mode of treating localised flabby pockets and reshape the body properly. It can reduce the cellulite appearance in 5-6 sessions each of 25-30 minutes, and the best part is, it doesn’t involve incision, drugs, or any form of injection.


Technicians specialised in Lipomassage treatments make use of specialised motorised rollers to carefully massage the area where most of the fatty tissues accumulate like - buttocks, arms thighs and abdomen!


These experts use different massaging motions, thus allowing the motorised rollers to break down the trapped chunks of fat. They move it in three ways.


  • The Roll’in movement which rolls the skin inward thus targeting the slim areas of the excessive fat.


  • The Roll’out motion which is used for outward rolling of the skin to smoothen the loose skin areas.


  • And the Roll’up movement where the motorised motor spins at varied speed helps in contouring and sculpting the body.


Each of these movements helps improve the circulation of blood and even helps flush out whatever toxins exist in the body. By stimulating the body’s organic flow of collagen and elastin production- this treatment helps achieve tighter and firmer looking skin.


A Few Of Its Perks:


Considered to be one of the most popular slimming spa treatments around, this comes with many benefits.


A Few Of Them Are.


  • Proper skin toning and firming.
  • Cellular detox.
  • Stimulation of elastin and collagen.
  • Scarring reduction.
  • Effective body contouring.
  • Lymphatic draining.
  • An increase in blood circulation.
  • Reducing of targetted body fat.
  • Cellulite improvement.
  • Breakdown of stubborn fat.


The Verdict.


This is a session which lasts around 30-35-minutes at a stretch, and every patient is provided special clothing and an LPG attire in respect to their modesty. The amazing effects of this treatment can be objectified by taking precise measurements of the body with before and after pictures.


This treatment changes the body dimension without the need of causing a decrease in the volume where any form of disease would be highly undesirable. And if that wasn’t enough, this treatment also displays a remarkable soothing action and is known for its stress -reducing effect.


So, if are suffering from cellulite issues, then it is best to find a licensed and reputed Endermotherapy specialist. Check their client-satisfaction record, their treatment rates, facility and equipment and how many years have they been in this line of work.


A proper inspection of each of these key aspects will answer your all-important question of finding an “Endermotherapytechniciannear me” for your cellulite treatment.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a technician specialising in Lipomassage treatments and over the years, has performed numerous slimming spa treatments for people suffering cellulite.