As we all know that our world is driven by negative energy as well as positive energy. Everyone on this globe searches for peace, harmony and positivity because we usually are full of irritation, agitation, disharmony and suffering. We not only just disturb ourselves with this negative energy but we keep on distributing these negative things to others as well. The way out of this problem is to keep oneself at peace. People try to achieve the harmony and peace with the help of meditation and other various methods. Meditation is the way to achieve the harmony within ourselves, to be at peace with oneself and others and eradicate the negative energy in ourselves if any. It teaches us how to live peacefully without disturbing the life of others.
If we face the negative energy it should be kept in mind that it comes from within us. It can be cleared with the inspection. You need to be honest with your own self, try to find out the reason why you feel the energy blockage. Is it because unwanted things are happening in your life? Wanted things do not happen, or they are blocked by some hurdles. What is it which causes tension to you? You need to know the reason of the negative energy inside you. Once you know it you will be in a position to remove this negative energy.
There is more than one way to solve this problem. For example you can start saying it to yourself that there is nothing unwanted happening in my life everything which is happening is wanted.Whatever happening it is in accordance with my desire. Start counting numbers until you are out of the immediate negativity, or start repeating any phrase or some mantra. Start meditation the best meditation for this purpose is Transcendental Deep breathing.In deep breathing type of meditation; you sit or lay comfortably in a calm place with your eyes closed. You concentrate on your own inhaling and exhaling, and also you pay attention to the actual sounds of birds singing, or the blowing wind murmurs in the trees. In Transcendental deep breathing, you avoid any external disturbance. You try to concentrate and you don’t let any external stimuli distract you. When you are using this form of meditation to remove negative thoughts, use the actual rule "I'm well" or "All is actually gentle" or” I don’t care about it” or “I have to get rid of all the negative energy inside me”.
This method helps so many people. By practicing this meditation you free your mind from irritation and agitation. By this you divert your attention and push the negative energy backwards and you move forward. You need to face the problem if u try to escape it’s of no use. Whenever you feel the negative blockage, try to observe it and face it. As soon as you start observing the mental defilement, it begins to lose strength. Try to do it whenever there is a bulge of negative blockage arises in your mind. You will surely overcome the problem.

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