If you have children or you are an artist yourself. Removing watercolour stains from caret is probably going to be a necessity at some point. The instructions that follow will walk you through the process.

If you can catch the spill quickly the potential for getting out all of the paint is much greater. Immediately blot up the liquid with towels or paper towels before it spread too far or soaks in too deeply. It is best to use plain white cotton or paper towels that do not have added colour, but grab anything else if that's quicker.

Once you have soaked up the worst of it, or if you are removing old watercolor stains, make a cleaning solution of water and clear Ammonia. About three ounces of ammonia to six ounces of water should be enough for most spills and stains. Apply this with a spray bottle if one is available, or by carefully sprinkling it over the spot and working it in gently using your fingers (wear latex gloves). After a moment or so, blot it up with paper towels or white cotton rags.

Repeat this until the solution is used up. If you still see watercolour transferring to the rag mix up another batch and continue like this. Once there is no more transfer you have removed most of what you can. Now you need to remove the ammonia. For this use a solution of a few drops of dish detergent in a cup of warm water. Use plain dishwashing detergents that are not too fragrant. Apply and blot it up several times.

Water can be used for the final clean and rinse. sprinkle or spray it on the spot and blot it up. If any watercolour stains still remain you can try the whole procedure again, After two times though, you are not likely to get any more out (although a professional Carpet Cleaning might do better). You can hire Carpet Cleaning St Kilda for same day cleaning services at affordable prices.

Dry the area with weighted stacks of paper towels or cotton rags. Finish the drying using a fan, which should blow on the spot for a few hours.

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