How do we withstand life's challenges without enduring stress? The truth is, we don’t.
Life is ever changing and the world we live in gets more and more complex every day.
Everywhere you look there are people struggling for new ways to reduce stress and to remove the difficulties and obstacles that stand between them and success.
One of the best methods and means to remove stress is exercising daily. Go for a walk; ride your bike around the block or play a sport. Whatever you decide to do, while you are doing it, take a moment to be grateful for your surroundings. The roof over your head, the flowers on the side of the road or the grass beneath your feet and of the many day to day things we usually take for granted. This small exercise will heighten your sense of awareness and take the edge off the problems of the day.
Whatever adversity or situation you may be dealing with at the moment, rest assured there are solutions to your problems. The first step to removing any barriers and the most important thing you can do is get out of your own way.
Take time to sit down and evaluate your brain. Look at your situation and see if you can find a solution. See if you can locate the problem and alleviate it. Evaluate how you are perceiving the problem and make a determination as to whether you have any control over the situation. In other words, talk to yourself and analyze the problem then act accordingly.
It's a proven fact that people often make allowance and simply accept stress because they believe it comes with the territory.
Our stress, much like our suffering is self imposed.
Make a commitment to your future. Get out of your own way.
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The author Linda Morneau is a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. Through her studies of Reiki, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, meditation and her personal experiences with devastating loss, Linda has developed a message with direction and hope. Contact her or