"Members Only", one of the most iconic brands from the 80's, is now disrupting a new space: the scrubs market. The renowned jacket brand has pioneered a new set of scrubs breaking new comfort levels for medical professionals, pivoting from traditional fashion into this revolutionary space for essential workers and caretakers. Members Only wants those with dedicated medical/spa careers who treat, heal and uplift others to become 'members' of a unique community, empowering them with Members Only scrubs. MO is disrupting the industry by borrowing from a quintessential history, rich heritage, helping medical and spa professionals to feel elevated, powerful, confident and most importantly, special.

Nick Sahni, Head of Sales, states, "Members Only is an iconic name in the fashion space, but we are now paving the way for those overlooked- the tireless medical professionals that also need to look and feel good, while taking care of us. We are on the frontlines in a unique category of industry leaders, with the exclusivity of a premium Members Only Scrub."

Using 45 years of expertise and experience producing quality garments, you can visit the site and IG below for more information.



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