Surabaya is now also known as the City of Property, because it is considered to have the potential to revive the property business. The property industry is growing with the increasing purchasing power of the people, coupled with economic stability. Property in Surabaya is targeting many segments, both from the lower middle class to the upper middle class.

The construction of infrastructure facilities and infrastructure in Surabaya, such as the construction of inter-city toll roads, is an attraction for many people to live in Surabaya.

The apartment is one of the residential choices in Surabaya. In the Darmo area of ​​Surabaya, more and more apartments are appearing. Besides being in a strategic area, this residence is also equipped with various facilities to support the comfort of its residents, ranging from swimming pools, fitness centers, laundry, minimarkets, parking areas, CCTV, 24-hour security, and many more.

One apartment in Darmo is Puncak Permai Apartment which is located right in front of Superblok 88 Avenue and is quite a walk to Puncak Permai Modern Market. This apartment is very close to Surabaya Supermall, Lenmarc Mall, Ciputra World, Ciputra University, Siloam Hospital, Mitra Keluarga Hospital, and only 45 minutes to Juanda Airport, and 30 minutes to Tanjung Perak Harbor.

Whereas in Pakuwon City, there are not only residential sites, but also several apartment choices. There are at least 3 choices of apartments in the Pakuwon City area. The first is East Coast Residence, this apartment has 3 towers, namely Topaz, Sapphire and Amethyst with a location close to access to Kenjeran.

There is also the Educity Apartment which is near Swan Park. This apartment is perfect for students and students studying at schools and universities in Pakuwon City. Educity consists of 4 towers. While the next apartment is East Coast Mansion, which is located adjacent to the East Coast Center.

What is the price of renting an apartment in Surabaya?

Apartment rental prices in Surabaya vary depending on the location and facilities offered. Apartments with premium locations, easy access to transportation, and complete facilities are several factors that influence the price of apartment rentals in Surabaya.

Even so, you can still enjoy the best deals, including in apartments with high rental rates.

At present, there are many apartment units in Surabaya that can be rented out monthly. The option of renting a monthly apartment in Surabaya is perfect for those of you who are on a business trip for a month or more.

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Rent Cheap Apartments in Surabaya

Annual apartment rentals in Surabaya are an ideal choice. In addition to the large number of units being rented out per year, annual apartment rentals also have advantages, including lower rental rates, locking up prices from sudden increases in rental costs, and securing units from other parties who want to rent the apartment units you live in.

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Surabaya is now also known as the City of Property, because it is considered to potentially turn on the property business.