Renting a car involves a lot of things. It includes making a series of choices which are tricky by design, make, and even cost comparisons. Buying insurance, fueling the car and many others may also be included in the package of some service providers.

In lucid terms, this may seem very challenging, but at all impossible. And since you are in Australia; you will come across a variety of car rental service providers. Be it with your close ones, or the love of your life; you will always have a service provider ready with your desired car.

However, if this is your first time with car rental service providers, then here are some things to keep in mind before and after securing the car. Follow closely!

What To Do Before?

  • The first thing to do prior to signing any dotted lines is reading the terms and conditions properly. It may be boring, but it could be your money/life saver. It allows you to read the terms, responsibilities and limitations. And it also allows you to communicate with the customer representative if some bits of details are not clear.

As the saying goes, the ‘devil is always in the details.’ And being informed on everything beforehand will stop you from making big mistakes. And it makes you aware when you can negotiate the fee with the rental agency.

  • Always time during the inspection, even if the car hire agency in Cairns, Australia presents you with a comprehensive list of the chosen car’s repair history and damages. So, it is best to conduct your inspection in your comfortable pace and pay attention to every dent, irregularity and damaged nook and cranny.

Another good idea would be to take as many pictures (and videos), as that will present appropriate proof of the car’s condition.

  • Another key part of the pre-car rental inspection is knowing all about the accidents it has encountered. Do request your service provider for the customer support and the roadside assist number.

With that, also know about the rules, policies and penalties if some other car was associated with the incident.

What To Do After?

  • You should fuel up your car on your way, from the nearest petrol station to ensure the least amount of usage while returning back the car. Find out the nearest gas station to ensure the least usage when returning the vehicle.
  • Be punctual when returning the vehicle. Call up the affordable car hire agency in Cairns and ask at what time will you need to return the vehicle. Being late may lead to additional charges.
  • Lastly, when the car representative is inspecting the returned car, be there to see if the car was indeed returned in adequate condition. Also, request for a writing statement of sorts.

Great Range Of Rental Options:

- For 4wd Rental:- Toyota Prado (2017)

-For Dual Cab Rentals:- Mitsubishi Triton Dualcab (2017), and the Isuzu Dualcab (2016)

-And also Trayback Ute rental.

Another thing, when you’re looking for quality and budgeted 4wd car hire service providers in the region, be sure to check their:-

  • Market stature.
  • Customer satisfying record.
  • Car rental (and bus rental) options.
  • Reliable customer help representative.
  • And budgeted rental packages.
Author's Bio: 

The author runs a car hire agency in Cairns, Australia and over the years, and also has heaps of knowledge on how an affordable car hire agency in Cairns provides a means to convenient transport.