The start to the year has been very busy for us here in the UK. It seems this year is going to continue to see the lettings market grow with ever more people seeing the merits of renting a home rather than buying. That said this is of course not the full truth and many tenants would prefer to buy, but simply cannot afford the outlay required not just for the deposit but the longer term commitment to investing in a property after you purchase.

I have always said that renting offers a better way of life and whilst I have an obvious vested interest you cannot deny that there is an inherent flexibility in the rented market that home owners simply do not enjoy. Work these days can often mean travel and certainly for those with a career a move can sometimes be the only way to move up the ladder. If you own a home the current market might mean that you simply can't sell and pay off the mortgage depending on when you bought. Then there comes the trouble of finding somewhere that you can move into in a time frame that works for you. If you were renting you can simply give (the appropriate!) notice find a new home, sign a new lease and move on!

Currently in our local area (North England, South Lakes) we are seeing a very large amount of supply in the market, especially of unfurnished home from people who have found themselves " reluctant landlords " personally I don't like this phrase as it's a negative spin on the issue. To me renting is the great positive solution to the problem of not being able to buy or sell a home. If you can't sell we will find someone who will pay a fair price for the use of your property (and pay all the utilities) for an agreed period of time until one of the parties needs to changes things. If you can't buy you can rent somewhere and see how you like the area until such time as you are able to buy if you decide that is the route you want to take.

I think it's time more people, both landlords and tenants alike starting seeing the rented market as the great and wonderful thing it is facilitating the free movement of people of people from one situation or location to another......a more preferable one.

Author's Bio: 

Shaun Dixon is the driving force behind UK based PC Lettings focussing on home and flat rentals and landlord advice.