A backup file nothing but a replica of original database that can restored easily in data loss situations. Backup files hold huge importance to the users and any sort of trouble with them leaves user in a troublesome situation, thus making entire database inaccessible. Although, users entrust backup t safeguard their database but the fact about which many users are unaware is these backup files are also prone to corruption.

Mostly, users create backup of crucial database with NTBackup utility that comes integrated with Windows NT versions. However, in newer Windows versions, this utility is not available by default, users can download it free from online market and backup required database. Whenever there is data loss situation, users can use this backup up data to restore lost information. But many a times, corruption in BKF files take away the peace of mind of the user and thus the need to Repair BKF File crop up.

Consider a Scenario: Suppose you are working with Windows Server 2003and you want to format the system. Therefore, to make sure that your data remain safe, you take of required database using NTBackup utility on multiple tape set After taking backup of crucial data, you proceeded with formatting and re-installation process of system. When you tried to restore Windows backup file, you were unable to do so and in addition, an annoying error message pop up on screen: “Error: An inconsistency was encountered on requested media”

Reason of Aforementioned Error Message: One of the main reasons behind emergence of this error message could be wrong media to mount up backed up data. You tool backup of database on multiple tape set but now you want to restore in on a different media. Another reason that could be responsible for corruption in BKF file are power surge, missing catalog file, virus attack, hardware related problems, OS malfunctioning, FAT file system, CRC error, interruption in backup process etc. In order to repair corrupt BKF file, the best idea is to restore bkf file with an eminent BKF Repair Tool.

Powerful Tool to Recover BKF File: You can explore in online market to get a user friendly and steadfast tool to repair BKF file. You can choose BKF Recovery software that is designed with advanced scanning algorithms and interactive interface to repair corrupt BKF file. This software application offers three different modes of scanning depending upon need and time of the user.

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