Having glass table tops is a modern trend that has been considered essential for contemporary homes. Most designers create the patio glass tables to create an elegant look and complementing the design of a home. The patio glass tables are mostly used for outdoor activities. When people visit your home and need to have a breeze outside while having drinks, using a patio table is always the best idea. Despite glass being a delicate and expensive construction and decoration material, many people still prefer it to wood and plastics. Accidents are a major challenge when using the glass table tops for a patio. When accidents happen, there may be injuries inflicted on the victims involved. To avoid this, homeowners take precautions such as firmly placing the tables in a stable spot. This ensures that the tables do not topple over or minimizes the occurrence of accidents around the patio environment.

why is glass preferred to other materials for patio tables?

Glass is a modern construction and design material that has gained a lot of popularity. Despite it not being in existence for many decades, almost every home today has a piece of accessory that is made of glass. The assumption that the homeowners incorporate glass so that they can create a comfortable space holds water and may be true. For the patio table glass tops there are various reasons that they are popular. The following are the primary reason known for using glass tops for a patio table.

Easy to clean

Cleaning tale surfaces can be hectic if not properly done. The use of cleaning agents can be helpful in removing stains from tables. Patio table glass is easy to clean just like any other glass. The owners only require a cleaning agent and soft cloth to wipe out the dirt on the table tops. However, despite patio glass tops being easy to clean heavy stains may call for the leaners to use a wire brush. This is a mistake that may lead to many people damaging the glass in the long run.

They are classy

Tables that have a glass top are considered to be classy and flashy. Most families prefer having the glass tops for their patio tables to maintain the elegance within their homes. Ideally, when the patio table tops are made of glass, it is likely that the interior tables are also made of glass and the owners do so for matching.


The glass is an element that helps many homeowners to maintain neatness around the house. When the tops of patio tables are made of glass, keeping them dirty may be difficult as it creates an unattractive environment. When it gets dirty, the cleaners are prompted by the view of the sight to clean them instantly. The cleanliness around the patio tables also maintained by cleaners so that the environment is kept clean at all times.

What are the main causes of patio glass damage

Patio glass table tops are prone to be damaged by users or due to other factors such as natural wind. When there are cracks, the owner may examine the table tops to determine whether they need replacement or repair. However, when there is serious damage on the surface, there should be an immediate replacement to avoid injuries to the users. The following are the primary causes of damage to patio glass tables to make them need replacement.

High temperatures

Patio glass table tops are mostly damaged by high temperatures. When placed outside during extreme summer seasons, they are primarily exposed to high temperatures. The heat may be directly from the sun especially when the table is set in an open space. Also, when hot pots are being placed continuously on the tabletops without any protective material, it is easy for the heat to affect the strength of the patio glass top. To avoid this, the hot pots should be placed on top of protective materials to prevent the heat from reaching the glass tops directly. Additionally, the tables that are placed in patios should be shielded from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures by introducing a shade. Replacement glass for patio table tops damaged by heat should be purchased depending on the size of the table to be repaired.

Wind force

Most patio tables are not usually firmly placed on the ground. The owners may overlook the need to firmly place them at a place that is well shielded from strong wins. This happens especially when the tables are placed outside during summer when winds are not common. However, it is common that when the patio glass tables are not firmly held, they may get thrown around by wind causing their damage. The glass may completely break thus needing replacement glass designed explicitly for patio tables. It is recommended that all patio glass table should be firmly placed within a sheltered place to avoid such problems from occurring.

Accidents by users

You will know that it’s time for buying a replacement glass for your patio table top when it cracks due to human activity. A heavy object may be continually dropped on the top making it weak. In the process, a small crack may extend to being a larger one which cannot be repaired. At that point, a replacement glass should be installed, and further precautions are taken to ensure there are no more accidents in the future.

Primary Factors To Consider When Buying Replacement Glass For Patio Tables

The shape of the glass

When shopping for the replacement glass for a patio table, the required shape should be considered. The shape of the replacement glass should be exactly like the one broken. This would make it easy to fit it back in its frame without complications. For instance, if the broken glass were circular, it would be necessary to purchase a circular replacement glass for the same table to maintain its features. Replacing with another shape could distort its appearance and uniqueness.

Additionally, if the glass were custom made, it would be advisable for the homeowner to visit their dealers so that they can get another custom-made glass for their patio table tops. However, the complexity of the shape of the replacement glass for patio tables would also affect the costs incurred by the homeowner. The simple shapes would be cheaper compared to the custom designs.

The size of the replacement glass

replacement glass for patio tables When selecting the replacement glass for patio tables, the homeowner or designer should take an accurate measurement from the previous broken table. Taking accurate measurements helps in ensuring that there is no over or underestimation. When no accurate measurements are taken, the chances of materials being wasted are higher. Also, it would be difficult to fit the replacement glass back to the table frame comfortably. Homeowners ought to seek services of professionals who can take accurate measurements to purchase and fixing the replacement glass. The size of the replacement glass for patio tables would also affect the costs incurred by the homeowner in the long run.

Glass type

The type of glass that use to make patio glass tops should be strong enough to withstand strong external forces. Most people wonder why their tabletops are prone to breaking. The main reason could be that they use thin glass and overlook the tough conditions that are outdoor. With this, the replacement glass for patio tables that is most appropriate should be strong enough to withstand strong winds among other forces. Tempered glass would be the most appropriate choice due to its durability and strength. When shopping for a replacement glass for the patio tables, it would be best to select the strongest option available. Despite the strong glass being of higher costs, there would be the need to invest in better glass than keep replacing it whenever it breaks.

Available budget

Some expenses are never planned for. A homeowner may find themselves needed a replacement glass for patio table due to accidents. If the patio table is regularly used by the family members, a quick replacement would be required. With this, the homeowner would be required to examine the costs of the replacement. When there is a constrained budget, the homeowner may be forced to go for cheaper options. However, budgets constraints should not be a reason for purchasing substandard glass replacements for patio tables. Finding an alternative or buying cheaper tables can help to maintain the elegance of the patio space.

Interior and landscaping designers have invested a lot of effort in designing patio tables and furniture that are more cost friendly and durable. They have done this by using stronger materials which include tempered glass. The glass can withstand extreme climatic conditions such as high temperatures, strong winds, and substantial impacts. Unlike other glass tables, the patio tables made from tempered glass are more durable and have become more popular among owners of the contemporary home. Through the further incorporation of technology replacement glass for patio table will be more improved in the future.

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