Nowadays, it is not uncommon for someone to believe that who they are begins and ends with their conscious mind. This is likely to be an outlook that is supported by the society that they live in.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be right to say that they just randomly came to this conclusion as they will live in an environment that played a part. What will have also played a part is that their mind will create the impression that this is the only part of them.

It’s gone

So, there are likely to have been numerous moments in their life when they have experienced pain and then, before long, this pain will have disappeared from their conscious awareness. After this has happened, it will be as if this pain no longer exists.

At the same time, this is likely to have been something that took place so quickly and effortlessly that they didn’t even think about how it just disappeared. Instead, they will have simply carried on with their life.

It’s Still There

But, although it will no longer be something that they are consciously aware of, it will still be held inside their own consciousness. To use an analogy: if there have two rooms, this pain will have been moved from one room to another.

This won’t be something that they have done, though; it will be something that someone else has done without telling them. Now, while it will have gone from ‘one room to another’, it will still send messages to their conscious mind to let them know that it is there.

A Different Language

Naturally, for them to be able to both receive these messages and utilise the information that is being sent to them, they will need to recognise when this part of them is trying to talk to them. If these messages are ignored or seen as being a sign of something else, this is not going to take place.

For example, they could often experience racing thoughts and have fears that don’t match up with reality. In each case, this can show that what is held inside their unconscious mind is trying to get through to them, but, if this is just seen as a sign that their mind is playing up, this won’t be taken into consideration and allow a deeper exploration of their own being to occur.

Another Element

Additionally, the part of them that holds the pain that their conscious mind has lost touch with won’t have space for an endless amount of pain and it will take a certain amount of their energy to keep this pain at bay. What this means is that as time goes by and more pain builds up in their unconscious, there will end up being more pressure exerted on their conscious mind and therefore, more symptoms are likely to arise.

Along with the way that this will affect their conscious mind, there can also be the way that this will affect their physical body. They can then end up having minor and major health problems as time goes by, thanks to the pressure that this pain will exert on their system.

The other part

As for the energy that they will need to use to keep this pain at bay, there will be less energy left for them to express themselves and be creative. Thus, as the years go by, they can find that they don’t have a great deal of energy.

But, if so much of their life force is being used to keep pain out of their conscious awareness this is not going to be much of a surprise. Without his understanding, it could be put down to something else.

One More

Another outcome of their brain repressing pain is that they will end up being more and more estranged from themselves. As opposed to having access to all of their consciousness and being a deeply feeling human being, then, they will end up living on the surface of themselves and not be able to feel deeply.

The pain will be held in their brain and body, making it harder for them to connect to their body and to be embodied. It will be as though they are a ball and their body is the water; even if they are able to be pushed slightly into the water, they will soon be pushed out.

Two Sides

With all this in mind, it will be clear that while the ability that someone’s brain has to automatically repress pain and allow them to forget about what is painful in the process will help them, it will harm them too. That is, of course, unless they are aware of what is going on and work through this pain.

If they were to become aware of this, they could wonder why their brain would have an ability that would help and harm them. What they can keep in mind at this point is that their brains main priority is to make sure that they keep it together and are able to function.


It is then not that their brain is trying to help them in the short-term whilst undermining them in the long run. No, it is that it is doing what it can to make sure that they stay alive, not to make sure that they are an integrated human being who has access to all of their consciousness.

What this emphasises is how important self-awareness, self-knowledge and healing are. The greater access they have, the more of a feeling human being they will be and the more energy they will have, allowing them to thrive, not just purely survive.

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