You have a built a strong & sturdy house that you want to convert in a home. The most primary decoration that home needs is the paints on the walls. They are primarily the first impression of any house.

In this article we will see the basic criteria that the paint should possess in order to qualify as an External paint.

Before we discuss characteristics, let’s first understand what types of paints are usually available:

Solvent-based (oil or alkyd): Often referred to oil-based paint, the liquid solvent or Thinner is usually mineral spirits. Though regulations have brought the content down, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) do form part of the paint. Its theses VOCs that evaporate leaving behind coat of tinted / non-tinted layer. Oil-based paint dries more slowly than water-based or latex based paints which is usually 24 hours. It can only be cleaned up with turpentine or over-the counter available paint thinner. However, be careful, some thinners can do more damage than good.

Water-based (latex): In this case the “volatile” content is water. Latex paints usually dry relatively fast. However, this may or may not be desirable in hot weather or direct sunshine. Clean up is much simpler & faster requiring only soap and water & soft bristled brush.

Must-have characteristics of Exterior Paint:

Solar Degradation resistance: Often referred to as color retention properties too. It’s basically the paint’s ability to maintain its original color during exposure. Naturally you will want it to be as high as possible. Read the fine prints to understand the warranty for color retention.

Resistance to Chalking: Chalking occurs over a period of time when the binder present in the paint slowly degrads & “breaks-down” These broken-down fine particle appear on the surface as chalk-like material. This usually starts from the outer-most surface & appears to dull the paint & texture. Buy a paint with the highest chalking resistance mentioned if you live in a Sunny area.

Spread: It’s a very non-technical term to explain how much paint covers 1 The thickness is usually measured in microns. Theoretically a higher micron coatings should be superior, but it basically depends on the skill of the applicator. Hence always ask the dealer about the “Spread” to understand how much paint will be required for your walls. Make sure to include 10-15% as wastage.

All in all weather resistance & durability take a higher prominence than texture & appearance in case of external Paints.

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