If you search online or look around, you may find innumerable Magento developers in Brisbane today. But choosing the best one is essential to ensure a sales-driven online store for your eCommerce business. And here are the skills set you to need to look for in the developer.

When it comes to building an eCommerce store, Magento is always the first choice. But do you think that only choosing Magento and getting the store built by one who does not have any experience in the platform can create a customer-driven store? No. Choosing the right Magento developer is as essential as choosing the platform. When you are looking for a good Magento developer for your project, you need to look for the right skills set that every professional in this field must possess.

Here are the skills listed out by an expert Magento developer in Brisbane.


Knowledge of the platform and the technology:

The Magento developer must have in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and Magento trends, extensions, plugins, themes, and everything about the platform. This is the first thing that will ensure expert development and maintenance of the Magento sites. The developer must be familiar with a few programming languages like HTML, PHP, C++, etc., and must have a strong grasp over the designing principles of a store built on this platform.


Must have innovative and creative skills:

Designing and developing a visually appealing and fully functional online store needs creative and innovative skills and ideas. The developer must have the ability to think something creative and unique. The competition is getting tougher with the introduction of new online stores every day and this is the main reason why developers need to think high and something which the competitors lack. An attractive, interactive, and easy-to-use store can always hold back more customers for a long time.


Must have the skills to develop custom themes:

A professional Magento developer must have expertise in developing custom CMS themes. The professional should have the customisation skills for creating a fully tailored CMS theme to meet the business requirements. There’s a huge demand for CMS software on websites built with this platform. CMS is one of the key reasons why eCommerce business owners and developers prefer to use this platform for building e-stores. This skill is essential to create a website with a unique design complimenting the brand in the best possible way and attracting the maximum number of customers at the same time.


Should have knowledge of multiple eCommerce integration:

This is one of the must-have skills of a Magento developer. A good professional in this field must have sound knowledge of multiple eCommerce integration and different payment gateways.


Strong widget development ability for a Magento store:

The professional you are going to work with for your eCommerce project must have strong widget development abilities that will make the portal or store even more interactive and appealing. Widgets have shown a great impact in the eCommerce development field. Including these in your online store can attract a large number of potential customers and make the store reachable to worldwide shoppers.


Strong knowledge of JavaScript is essential:

The developer should have a strong grip over JavaScript apart from MVC and CMS frameworks. Knowledge in these things can help the professional to easily add custom functionalities and integrate the same in your webshop.


Must have a professional portfolio:

If the developer is professional and experienced then he or she must be having a good portfolio with plus points like expertise in the platform, knowledge of the above-mentioned skills, on-time project delivery guarantee, store maintenance support, etc. The portfolio will also give an idea about the quality of work.


Knowledge of XHTML and PSD:

This is a skill you cannot skill to check before choosing to work with the professional. The developer should have knowledge of XHTML and PSD and must be able to use and work with templates. This is important for a goof Magento website.

So, these are the most essential skills of a Magento developer. Always consider these before choosing one for your big project.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is an expert Magento developer in Brisbane and is associated with a reputed eCommerce development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. With expertise over the platform, the author has written this article to highlight the key skills every Magento developer should possess and help out the eCommerce business owners choose the right professional with all the skills to work with.