Using every possible tool and platform to promote and market your brand and product is of crucial importance. For that very reason, many companies and business organizations are using Wikipedia as a powerful marketing tool. However, only recently, several questions and doubts were raised on the credibility and trustworthiness of the platform, but to no avail. Ever since that, there has been a significant improvement in the site’s credibility and reliability.

This might make you wonder about getting your company and brand listed on Wikipedia. Getting your company listed on Wikipedia is not a cakewalk. The site follows tons of strict rules and guidelines which should be met and fulfilled no matter what. For many successful businesses and brand, Wikipedia has turned out to an effective marketing tool, benefitting them with a plethora of marketing benefits and business profits.

In a nutshell, Wikipedia is now of crucial importance in modern-day marketing strategies and tactics. The reason for that varies from Wikipedia being the fifth largest and most visited site to being loved and preferred by Google. Articles and wiki-pages land amongst the first top ranking pages and links on every search engine results page.
Wikipedia is known to have more visitors than a successful social media platform like Twitter and LinkedIn.

With more than a couple of million well-composed and written articles and pages, Wikipedia has been a key player in building the online reputation of numerous companies. The best part about getting a page on Wikipedia is that once your page goes live on Wikipedia, there is a 99% chance that you might make it to the Google Knowledge Graph.

Should you get a Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia is the first place that most people go to when they want to learn about a new company and its services and products. Wikipedia is an open-source site, accessible and available to all. For that very reason, many people think that they can add and edit any information on Wikipedia. While on the other hand, the guidelines and rules of this platform don’t allow everyone to do so. There is a specific set of requirements that you should meet and bear in mind before going for making edits and changes to the existing Wikipedia content. Among the most important rules and guideline, the below-mentioned are of key importance and shouldn’t be violated at any cost:

1. Content credibility:

Wikipedia a digital encyclopedia, which means there no room for self-promotional, advertorial, or marketing content. To ensure that your composed content is wiki-worthy, make sure to include citation and references of credible platforms and sources. For that very reason, many business organizations and companies hire expert Wikipedia editors and writers to get this done for them.

2. Notability:

If you are not notable enough, you are not worthy enough to be on Wikipedia, sounds harsh? Well, that's the policy of Wikipedia. If your company is cited and mentioned by credible third-party sources, which means you are a notable brand, which is usually not the case with small and medium-sized businesses.

3. Maintenance:

Since Wikipedia is an open-source site, this makes it prone to vandalism. The job is not done even when you have succeeded in getting your content published on Wikipedia. Maintaining, updating, and monitoring the edits and changes made to your page is of key importance.
Getting a Wikipedia page is not a hassle-free job if you decide to do it on your own. However, the internet is filled with numerous Wikipedia page creation and writing agencies which guarantee 100% success on Wikipedia.

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Well, the writing was one of my hobbies and I wanted to pursue the same in my professional career. Upon explorations, I found out that I can do this in different aspects and amongst them, I chose Wikipedia writing for the same. I learned about Wikipedia and made my writing to fit the requirements of the same. Currently, I work at Wiki Contributors. as a Wikipedia writer and make the contemplations on developing and writing content for different pages.