Full research report of transparent LED display: Implementation principle, Features, Advantages, Application, Development trend, Price etc.

As early as 2012, the “Transparent Display Technology and Market Outlook” report released by Display bank, a US market regulator, had boldly predicted that the market value of the transparent display would be about $87.2 billion by 2025. As the current mainstream display technology, LED has a mature and stable product in this field–Transparent LED screen. The emergence of transparent LED screens has expanded the application layout of LED displays to the two major markets of architectural glass curtain walls and commercial retail window displays.

Implementation principle of transparent LED screen

What is a transparent LED screen? The transparent LED display, as its name suggests, is the same as the LED screen that transmits light. With a permeability of 50% to 90%, the thickness of the panel is only about 10mm, and its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation method.
The transparent LED screen is a micro-innovation of the light bar screen in the industry. It has made targeted improvements to the chip manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging and control system. With the structure of the hollow design, the permeability is greatly improved.
The design of this LED display technology greatly reduces the blockage of the structural components to the line of sight, maximizing the perspective effect. At the same time, it has a novel and unique display effect. The audience is watching at an ideal distance, and the picture is suspended above the glass curtain wall.

Why transparent LED screen produced?

The main reason is the shortcomings and limitations of conventional LED display
Along with the proliferation of outdoor advertising LED displays, there are a series of negative issues, including the image of the city. When the LED display is working, it can really function to brighten the city and release information. However, when it is “resting”, it seems to be a “scar” of the city, which is incompatible with the surrounding environment and greatly affects the beauty of the city, destroying the scenery of the city. Moreover, due to the brightness of the LED display screen, it is one of the “manufacturers” who have produced light pollution. At present, there is no normative constraint, whenever the night falls, the outdoor LED display lights up, causing a certain degree of light pollution to the surrounding environment. The inhabitants’ lives have brought invisible harm.
Due to the emergence of these problems, the approval of outdoor large-screen installations has become more and more cumbersome, and the management of outdoor advertisements has become more stringent. Therefore, the Transparent LED display came into being and gradually became the new favorite of the market.

Features of transparent LED display
(1) It has a very high perspective rate and a permeability of 50%-90%, which ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of the lighting structure between floors, glass facades and windows, and ensures the original lighting perspective of the glass curtain wall.
(2) Light weight and small footprint. The thickness of the panel is only 10mm, and the weight of the transparent screen is only 12kg/m².
(3) Beautiful installation, low cost, no need for any steel structure, directly fixed to the glass curtain wall, saving a lot of installation and maintenance costs.
(4) The unique display effect. Because of the transparent background, transparent LED display can make the advertising picture giving people the feeling of floating on the glass curtain wall, with good advertising effect and artistic effect.
(5) Easy and fast maintenance, indoor maintenance, fast and safe.
(6) Energy saving and environmental protection, no need for fan and air conditioner cooling, more than 40% energy saving than traditional LED display.

Advantages of transparent LED display

Ensure the overall appearance of the building
The transparent LED display is usually installed behind the glass curtain wall and installed indoors. It will not damage the original building curtain wall structure and ensure the original appearance of the building is neat and tidy. Conventional LED displays are generally installed directly outside the building curtain wall, which not only affects the architectural aesthetics, but also destroys the overall consistency of the building’s overall appearance, and it has certain security risks.
Does not affect the normal work and rest in the room
LEADING’s transparent LED display adopts original side-emitting display technology with high transparency and no light leakage. When the user displays the advertisement information to the outdoors, the indoor viewing is transparent, and there is no glare interference, so the normal work and rest in the room are not affected.

Reduce light pollution in cities
The conventional outdoor LED display has high brightness, and the general brightness is above 6000 cd, which is particularly dazzling at night. High brightness not only pollutes the environment but also impairs the aesthetics of the entire night scape design. The brightness of the transparent LED display can be adjusted, highlighted during the day, and the light at night is soft, which reduces the light pollution to the city and does not affect people’s normal travel.

Green energy saving
Conventional LED displays consume a lot of power and generate huge amounts of electricity every year. The transparent LED display has a transparent display effect when playing advertisements. The part without the picture does not emit heat, the power consumption is low, and the conventional LED display energy saving is about 30%, and the green energy saving meets the development concept of the green city.

Maintenance management is more convenient and safe
The maintenance of the transparent LED display is generally carried out indoors, and the maintenance is relatively safe and is not affected by outdoor instability. LEADING transparent LED display adopts plug-in light bar design, supports front and rear maintenance modes of the screen body, and only needs to replace a single light bar, which is easy to operate, low maintenance cost and short time.

Four application environments for Transparent LED screens
When designing the Transparent LED screen advertisement content screen, the unnecessary background color can be removed, replaced with black, and only the content to be expressed is displayed, and the black portion does not emit light during playback, and the effect is transparent as shown in the figure. It can greatly reduce light pollution, and at the same time reduce energy consumption, which can achieve more than 30% energy saving than ordinary LED display.

Through the breakthrough of technology, the Transparent LED screen not only ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of the lighting structure between floors, glass facades, windows, etc., but also has good heat dissipation function, anti-aging performance, and convenient installation and maintenance, completely changing the tradition. The limitations of LED display applications on glass.

Building curtain wall
The Transparent LED screen solves the problem that the traditional LED display cannot be used in a large area of the glass curtain wall.

According to statistics, the total area of China’s modern glass curtain wall has exceeded 70 million square meters, mainly concentrated in urban areas. Such a huge glass curtain wall is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising. The advertising value of this market is not yet available. It has been fully developed, and the glass curtain wall is a new blue ocean field in the case of urban outdoor advertising resources are increasingly exhausted. This area is very wide, such as glass curtain wall buildings, large shopping malls, sightseeing elevators, 4S shops and various glass windows.

Interior design
The Transparent LED screen can be customized to different shapes and shapes to meet the needs of different spaces and achieve the effect of space beautification.

Transparent LED screens are used in various exhibitions, such as auto shows and conferences, to promote products in all aspects.

The transparent advertising machine hangs on the window to play a good commercial propaganda role.
Transparent LED screen solves the problem that the window display of commercial retail industry cannot be digitally displayed.
The street-facing window is an important means for the display and promotion of retail store merchandise. It is of great significance to display the business category of retail stores, focus on merchandising products, and attract consumers. Let the window display change static display, flexible and changeable; make the store more vivid overall, and generate deeper information interaction with consumers and people is one of the trends in the development of future advertising window design. It is not possible to move the window, but it is achievable in a large area. In the past few years, the more popular window display dynamics are mostly equipped with small-sized LCD video display devices, which have certain limitations in terms of brightness, viewing angle, viewing distance and overall shape. Especially for outdoor street shops, low brightness is a fatal flaw, which is one of the main reasons why video display information is ignored. It can be said that the display market of the entire shop window is a virgin land to be developed.

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