So much is going on in your external and internal worlds right now that we thought it would be a good time to remind you of the power of your ability to focus your intent. Your internal belief systems can be difficult to reprogram, and changing what is wrong in the world can appear to be more than one person can do. When you are noticing the ugly, bad and oppressive situations around you more and more, this is an indication and a reminder that it is the perfect time to shift your focus. We want you to do a mental inventory during your day of those people, places, events and situations that you’ve placed your attention on. Be conscious of what you’ve said, the words that you have used and the pictures you’ve seen throughout the day. When you are in a state of noticing what is wrong in the world; you will also talk about it, think about it and see it repeatedly throughout each day. The more you see what is wrong, the more you feel what is wrong. The more you feel what is wrong, the more “what is wrong” invades your internal world. What is wrong in the external world becomes what is wrong with your internal world. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this perspective. It is wonderful that you have the ability to experience contrasting situations, for through contrasting situations you can be aware and choose to change your focus. Be grateful for that!

We truly are not being sarcastic when we say it is wonderful that you have contrast. We understand that when you are in the midst of experiencing so much negativity around you, it feels like there is no possible way of moving into a better feeling experience. It is like the proverbial snowball rolling downhill. You continue to recognize and see all those icky things around you, and your thoughts run rampant. We understand this, but we can assure you that you can change your experience to one of greater ease. We will walk you through the process one small step at a time. We know that you want and need immediate relief, and you can receive it one step at a time.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. When there is chaos and turmoil within you, you will see chaos and turmoil outside you. This is simply a statement of what is. The key to shifting the outside world is to change your inside focus. This is something that you can do easily, but you must be patient and allow yourself to do this a little bit at a time. When you try and shift your whole focus and your belief system all at once, it is much like trying to run before you’ve learned how to walk. So, our first step in this process is to agree that you will take this process slowly, one step at a time.

The second step is to honor yourself and the feelings you are having. Your feelings are what connects you to your soul, so you must not bury them. Allow them to flow freely, and please do not judge them. When you judge your feelings or the feelings of others; you automatically add more energy to them, sometimes the energy to ignite them and other times the energy to block them. Even the simple act of questioning your feelings can perpetuate them. Your feelings are divine messengers. Accept them and allow them to flow freely. For when you allow your feelings to flow, they do not become stuck or embedded within your physical body.

The third step is to find something, anything that makes you happy and allows you to feel love, and focus on it. It can be something very small, but it must evoke the feelings of love and happiness. Go inside and remember a time that you felt pure love. Perhaps when you were snuggling with one of your beloved animals, playing with a child or talking with a loved one. Sit still, close your eyes and vividly remember your experience. Allow yourself to feel what you felt then and allow that feeling to flow through your whole body. We ask that you give yourself five minutes to shift your focus to the feelings of love. Once you’ve spent five minutes basking in these feelings, you can go on about your day. We recommend that you do this when you awaken in the morning; before getting out of bed, also before going to sleep and anytime throughout the day that you are feeling down or depleted. You only need to spend five minutes in this energy. The more often you spend time in the energy, the more of the energy will be attracted into your experience and so on and so on.

We recommend that you move onto step four when you are comfortably and easily giving yourself five minutes of focused love and happiness three or more times daily. When step three has been added to your daily routine easily, it is time to add the next step. Step four is about noticing love, compassion, generosity, reverence, peace, serenity and respect. Step four is just simply about noticing small acts of kindness within and around you. Please continue with steps one through three and add step four to your daily routine. It is extremely important to CONSCIOUSLY notice these acts of kindness, compassion, generosity and love as they happen around you and those that come from you. This step is about noticing that these wonderful acts are happening all the time. Through your awareness of them, you will amplify them. It does not matter how simple or small they are. You may notice kind words, a simple smile, a kitty purring, a dog wagging its tail; a person opening the door for another, birds singing, the sun shining, the clear blue sky. It really does not matter how big or small the acts are that you notice. The key is that you consciously notice them and also notice when you do something kind. We promise that the more you notice the wonderful things that you do yourself and those around you do, the more love, compassion and kindness will be within and around you.

The fifth and last step is to add the energy of gratitude to the equation. When you provide yourself the five minutes of love and happiness, be grateful for that experience. When you see others around you being kind to one another, be grateful for their kindnesses. When you notice yourself being nice to yourself; be thankful that you are allowing yourself to be nice to You! The energy of gratitude will also amplify all the kindnesses you are seeing and experiencing. Please keep yourself focused on these five steps and continue to do them. Take your time and be patient with yourself.

Our intention with this message is to remind you that only love is real. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe and by allowing more of it into your internal world, even a little bit at a time, you will shift your focus and allow the unseen to manifest into the material. Through focusing your intent on love, compassion and kindness, you will reprogram your internal thoughts and beliefs affecting not only you but also those around you!

We love and honor you! Thank you for this opportunity to connect!

The Arcturian Circle.

Channeled: September 25, 2011

Author's Bio: 

Debbie Johnstone is a natural Intuitive, Channel and Animal Communication Specialist. Debbie channels a group called The Arcturian Circle. The Arcturian Circle is a collective of twelve Beings of Light and Love. They are also known as the Angels of Light. They have been connected to Debbie since she was a small child. A few years ago they began suggesting that she share their information with others who are open to receiving it.

We invite you to read their words and choose for yourself whether the information contained therein resonates with you.