When an individual takes the first important step towards recovery, the informed decision to obtain treatment for drug or alcohol addiction - there are a few things to consider when deciding on the type of rehab is best suited for the individuals unique situation.

Each individual struggling with addiction has specific features associated with their personal substance abuse disorder. A variety of rehab programs are available offering many options of care.

One option is Residential Drug Treatment Programs in California , covering a wide range of treatment philosophies, amenities and services that provide the opportunity to find a rehab center that best suits an individual recovery needs and goals. Residential Drug Treatment Programs offer full spectrum of addiction treatment services available in a supportive environment.

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Ken Seeley is a renowned interventionist, known primarily by his work on the A&E program, Intervention. He has developed an effective rehabilitation program in Palm Springs, California, offering individuals a powerful mix of treatment elements that are designed to treat all aspects of a client’s health and wellness while teaching them how to break free from addiction-reinforcing behaviors. Mr. Seeley also continues to offer highly effective intervention services.