Resistance or strength training is the training used to gain muscle strength, size, stamina, and resilience. The whole point of the resistance training is to strengthen your body and muscles, to be able to overcome a resistance force when required. When doing these exercises repeatedly, your body and muscles are becoming stronger and stronger.

All around fitness programs are based on improving your bone tissue and strength, bone density, joint functions, ligament and muscle power, and some of the athletic exercises that will improve your body functions, which will let you gain more stamina, stay healthier, increase your heart and lung functionality, and keep your body young and strong.


It is crucial to warm up before every resistance training, so start by doing some light exercises such as walking with an increased speed every few minutes, or cycling for about five to ten minutes; then do the stretching and spend as much time as you need on it; focus on every single muscle, ligaments, and warm them up properly, or you might sustain an injury. Take slow motions, and pay attention to every critical muscle.

The whole point of resistance training is constant increase in intensity of the exercises, repeating the same but with more power and strength. By doing so, you indulge your body in a so-called shaping process, where it learns to adapt to the current pressure you are putting on it. As the time goes by, by repeating this on a suggested basis, your body and muscle strength will increase drastically.


Proper nutrition

While exercising on a daily basis, your body spends a lot of calories, and the rule of 2000 calories per day simply does not go for you as well. You need a lot of energy, a lot of vitamins, proteins and other important ingredients that will keep you going, provide your muscles with needed amino acids which will let them grow, and in the same time keep you healthy and fit. There are many different diets, based on the type of training a person is undertaking, and it is important to consult and expert before taking one. The reason this is important is simple: You want to maximize the effect of your training, but in the same time stay fit, gain the desired muscle size and strength, and stay healthy. Remember to rest each muscle group for at least 48h to maximize their growth in strength and size.


Protein supplementation

Proteins are a great addition to every diet, since they contain all the necessary amino acids required by your muscles to grow. There are several different types of proteins, but the most commonly used ones are milk proteins, casein, and whey proteins. All of these proteins contain important ingredients required to bond the amino acids, but each type of proteins is different, and not all fit to the same diet. Again, it is important to consult an expert in this field, and before buying a protein supplement, do the research, find out which are the best for you and the type of resistance training you are about to undertake. Remember that protein supplements are at their best effect when used in the 1-hour resting period after a resistance workout.


Resistance training is a great way to achieve that fit and lean look you always dreamed about, plus the way to increase your muscle strength as well. But it is not an easy task; it takes a lot of time, strong will and determination, and many different diets and food supplements (such as proteins) for it to be successful. Try to remember that it is of the highest importance to stay healthy, so don’t push your body beyond its own limits, try to listen to it and play along.


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My name is Goran Bogunovic. I am a personal trainer and an online marketing expert. For the last fifteen years I've been hitting the gym and experimenting on myself so that I could share my first-hand experience with all of you good people here. My texts are written from my own perspective and every piece of advice I share with you is from my personal experience.