Every year I make a list of things that I would like to accomplish or improve upon, but as is the case for most people, I am not always successful.

This year I needed to try something different.

I notice that I have much more success when I am working on teaching my children something of value.

The trick here, however, is to make sure that my children learn about these positive habits and accomplishments without attributing them to potentially destructive thoughts.

For example, if I want to lose weight, I would not want to talk about dieting in front of them.

Focusing on dieting and weight loss could potentially cause my children to develop body image issues.

The same goes with my desire to convert jiggly legs into firm, tone ones.

Young kids do not have a lot of muscle mass and they might begin to worry about what is wrong with them.

If I decided to tackle a massive reduction of debt, I would need to thoughtfully phrase my reasons for cutting-back in habitual eating out, endless entertainment and buying toys on a whim.

I might not even bring to their attention that we are cutting-back.

Instead, I would just re-focus our activities on low-cost alternatives.

With this said, I have come up with my list of New Year's resolutions that will strengthen my family while achieving personal success.

Because my examples are so lengthy, I have decided to break this topic up into multiple posts.

Today, I will discuss: Resolution 1: Get in Shape.

Ways that I have found to accomplish this are:

◊ Play basketball on the driveway with the kids using the new goal that my son got for Christmas.

◊ Jog or fast walk around the lake with my eldest daughter.

Stretching exercises with my youngest daughter, who is in gymnastics and always needs to work on staying limber.

◊ Ride bikes through the neighborhood with the kids, especially since my youngest just learned how and is working hard to get better every day.

Pilates with my oldest in the privacy of our family room.

◊ Box with my son on a speed bag that he is about to get for his birthday.

◊ Tennis on the street in front of our house with the kids - bought inexpensive rackets a few years back...who needs a net?

◊ Hit golf balls at the driving range...anything over an hour and we're worn out.

◊ Roller skating at the local skate rink. While a blast-from-the-past, this is truly fun for the whole family.

◊ Hit baseballs at the batting cages.

◊ Play a game of touch football in the frontyard.

◊ Ice skating at the ice hockey arena, as staying up and holding the younger ones up is exercise enough.

◊ Throw the baseball or frisbee in the backyard.

◊ Play a game of keep away or dribble around cones with a soccer ball.

◊ Swim laps in the pool or challenge the kids to a race.

◊ Dance in the family room to our favorite hip-hop or country western hits. The kids teach me the latest dance craze and I show them the old fashion two-step (which I just learned).

◊ Lift weights or run sprints with my son who is interested in trying out for the football team.

◊ Go to the gym with my eldest who loves a good workout.

◊ Play Wii dance, sports or exercise games in the gameroom on a cold or rainy day.

These are some of the ideas that my kids, my husband and I will enjoy participating in, while we work our way to a more fit self.

Not only will these activities encourage us all to stay active, but they foster a sense of closeness and family fun.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Resolution 2: Eat Healthier.

Here's to another Inspired Minute!

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