Respect. It’s hard to define it in words but if Google was any help here, this is what I got out of it. Respect is having an admiration for something or someone and treating that thing or person 'well'.

Now treating it or them well is easily misunderstood by all of us. A very simple example is we are told to 'respect' our elders but rarely do we truly mean it. Actually we are told to obey the elders, just in a fancier way.

Why am I talking about respect now? There are a plenty of things in our lives which we disrespect.

One of it is Nature and the ecosystem as a whole. Human beings are blessed with the sixth sense but we do not use it. Or even worse, use it for things which destroy our source of life. Every piece of trash we burn, every plastic bottle we throw into the sea is simply disrespect to the Nature.

Other than that we also disrespect time! Time, the reason you exist!

We take every second we get to live on this beautiful planet for granted. We don't value this precious blessing that we have. As if taking your life for granted was not enough, we have adopted this disappointing habit of being late and delaying things. We no longer value our time and other individuals’ time. It is amusing when, as a Malaysian, I see my fellow countrymen taking pride in being minimum 10 minutes late for everything.

Respect is an amazing word. I believe practicing it is a good habit as it is very closely aligned to one of Nature's laws, Law of Cause and Effect (

We are blessed to be alive even for a single second as the whole universe has worked hard and long to make this exact moment true and real.

Respect it and your life will only become more amazing.


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