Family dentists are professionals who undergo dentistry education and training and focus on the services that are meant to help the entire family. They are mainly responsible for the diagnosis, treatments, and maintenance of the all kinds of oral problems of an individual.

A family dentist serves patients of any age from children to the adultery, and so holds a great importance in the field of dentistry. Likewise, they may also be able to offer you several cosmetic dentistry options, such as, teeth whitening.

Here is a brief summary of responsibilities and services a family dentist in Asheville may have to offer.

Assessment and Diagnosis

The first thing a family dentist in Asheville may offer you is the assessment and diagnostics. They assess the condition of a patient’s oral cavity and make a diagnosis. Dental examinations and tests are among the dentistry practices that a family dentist may do to their patients in order to further evaluate the oral cavity and suggest a diagnosis. With the right diagnosis, a family dentist is also able to pinpoint other dental conditions needing proper treatment.

Treatment of the Dental Conditions

Another important service that a family dentist may offer you is the treatment options for dental conditions and problems that often occur in your everyday life. Tooth decay, cavities, and plaque accumulation are some of the common problems that these professionals can handle with maximum efficiency.

Filling, root canals, and tooth extractions are some of the services that a dentist may offer you depending on your dental condition. However, some family dentists may not be allowed to perform surgical dentistry because of inadequate education and training as to this regard.

Maintenance of a Dental Condition

Family dentists also take care of your satisfaction towards the success of the treatment of your oral cavity or other dental condition. In fact, there are many dentistry procedures and treatments that arise as preventive in the sense that they can lead to a dental problem even before it develops fully. In addition, a family dentist in Asheville offers regular cleaning of your teeth in order for you to prevent different problems that can occur and become worse if left untreated.

After you are diagnosed with a certain dental condition, your family dentist will put preventive measures and treatment options in place for you to follow them and be satisfied with the results in a prescribed time. They may also recommend you to see a dental specialist for intensive treatment care if there are signs of some bigger dental issues.


A family dentist in Asheville will look after their patients’ welfare of dental issues in order to help them prevent bigger problems in the future. They usually have helpful and caring staff that know patients’ fears about dentistry and are trained to work with infant and children as well.

Moreover, family dentists may recommend dental specialists for the problems which are beyond their field. While going to the dentist’s office can be a frightening for many people especially for infants and children, it is important to choose an experience family dentist in Asheville.

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Contributed by Shiraz Kahn