Founded in 1869, Seattle is the most attractive place one can choose for their honeymoon. A very romantic locality to be in, Seattle is complimented with many exotic restaurants where you can certainly have the time of your life with your spouse, friends or family. Being very close to the Puget Sound, Seattle is quite popular for its diverse seafood. For the sushi lovers out there, Seattle is certainly your place! As Seattle accommodates population belonging to a very wide range of cultures, the city literally has eateries for all types of people. You want Moroccan, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Ethiopian, German, Irish, Indonesian, Cuban, Caribbean or any other cuisine of the world, Seattle is the one place which offers all of this within its borders.

In short, Seattle is an awesome place to dine out and most importantly, your bill usually stays within your budget too! The best way to find the best place to eat out is very simple. All you need is a map of Seattle and a car. Locate Herbfarm on your map. A little problem here is that you must have a lot of time to try this famous Herbfarm, as the reservation has to be made almost three to four weeks in advance! You could now probably guess what a place this eatery would be and how people could wait for months just for one chance of dining out here. There are controversies that Herbfarm hasn’t been as superb as it was, after a major fire cracked out there in the past. However, most people still believe that it’s just the best place one could find in Seattle!

If you wish to try some traditional cuisine and you don’t have the time to wait for Herbfarm, you could try the scrumptious salads of the Canlis. You will definitely regret missing it later on. Along with your perfect dining experience, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Lake Union too. Being quite a formal place, you could probably enjoy your visit more if you dress in accordance with the undoubtedly beautiful décor!

In case, you are tired of the Asian food, you should definitely go for the Korean and Vietnamese cuisine offered at the Wild Ginger. You are bound to find your time spent here as memorable and one of the best one in Seattle! The diner is quite spacious and usually the environment is highly enthusiastic. Don’t forget to have the lamb satay skewers; they are one of the most delicious items here.

Looking for a status symbol in Seattle? Try the Lampreia. All you need is a lot of money and you can have your food prepared by the best chef, that is, Chef Carsberg! You might find the décor somewhat insipid, but the food quality and the food range is something not offered anywhere else in Seattle.

So don’t miss on the top rated restaurants mentioned above; they would undoubtedly make you Seattle experience a whole lot better!

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