Recently, Hair transplant therapies have got lot of recognition. These therapies have helped people to get rid from their baldness. Many people think that hair transplant therapies can only be used for the baldness of scalp, but they are unaware that they can be used for other body parts also such as face, chest, beard, eyebrows etc.
With the advancement in technology it has become possible to get hair transplanted in the body part where you want without any scar mark. Hair is taken from the body part where there is lot of hair and then they are transferred to the affected side. Beard hair are very good for transplant because their diameter is very thick than scalp hair and beard can be grow to any length
How body hair transplantation is done?
Body hair transplant takes graft from the donor site which is mainly from the scalp or it could be from some other region such as from legs, pubic region, nape of neck, legs and it is transplanted to the area where needed. The entire procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and it may produce some swelling and bruising afterwards. After 3-4 months hair growth will be seen and this will continue throughout the life of the patient.
What are the precautions taken while doing body hair transplant?
Body hair transplant is done with extra care because these can ruin the appearance of the skin if there is a mistake. No one wants to get unwanted scars on their face because these can completely disturb the natural look of the body. Follicular unit are carefully extracted carefully and the compatibility between the body and scalp hair are checked.
What are the benefits of body hair transplant?
• You can get hair transplanted to any body part
• No scars will be visible in the donor area.
• This technique is good for eyebrow, beard and eyelashes
• These are good hair for eyebrow and eyelash transplantation.
• After transplantation, you can get permanent hairs
• They will give a natural look to your body also enhance your personality.
What is the cost of body hair transplant?
The cost of body hair transplant varies from person to person, it depend on the grade and severity of the baldness, capacity of donor area and the number of sessions. The cost differs for the area which is chosen for transplant such as cost of eyebrow transplant is different from beard transplant and chest transplant.
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