All of us put a lot of effort into maintaining oral hygiene and taking care of our natural teeth. Regardless, lots of people lose their teeth every year. If you have missing teeth, dental implants offer a popular and effective way to replace them as they feel and look natural.  At Perio & Implant Centers of Monterey Bay - Silicon Valley, Jochen Pechak, DDS, MSD, a dental implant specialist in Sunnyvale, CA, provides professional installation of dental implants. If you are looking to replace single or multiple teeth and restore your youthful smile, call or book an appointment online.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are functional, robust, and long-lasting tooth replacement options for replacing your lost tooth root. They consist of a titanium post inserted into your jawbone that is topped with a dental crown to replace the missing natural teeth. You can get rid of your tooth for many reasons: normal wear and tear, facial trauma, periodontal disease, and aging. A missing tooth can cause a range of effects from the loss of self-esteem, altered appearance, uneven bite, and suffering jaw bone health. A dental implant offers you a tooth replacement solution similar to your natural teeth. 

Why Should You Consider Getting A Dental Implant?

Dental implants feel and appear natural, which works as a great way of substituting your missing tooth. Dental implants can also replace several missing teeth or even a full set of teeth.  Unlike full or partial dentures, dental implants do not slip. Dental implants also serve as an excellent option if you are not satisfied with the current dental bridge's feel or fit.  Other benefits of dental implants include giving you a lovely look and smile that reinstates your confidence, does not affect your eating or speech, and easy to maintain oral hygiene as you clean them like your natural teeth. The team at Perio & Implant Centers of Monterey Bay - Silicon Valley offers innovative Teeth-In-An-Hour treatment procedures. This computer-guided implant surgery places the metal post in the jawbone in the least invasive way in just one hour. The procedure allows you to resume your daily activities the next day with new fine-looking teeth.

What Happens During A Dental Implant Procedure?

During a dental implant at Perio & Implant Centers of Monterey Bay - Silicon Valley, Dr. Pechak will install the implant in various stages. During the implantation, he will numb the region receiving the tooth. The well-experienced team will then cut into your gums and install the titanium root in your jawbone. You will then wait for the implant to fuse to your jawbone, a process that takes 3 to 4 months. After the jaw heals, the doctors confirm the implant's stability and then attach support and a temporary crown over the implant.  He will send an impression of your smile to the lab to make a permanent crown, which he will install on a later appointment.

In conclusion, Perio & Implant Centers of Monterey Bay - Silicon Valley is a leading dental treatment center focused on providing you with the best individualized dental implant services. If you have a missing tooth in and around Sunnyvale, schedule a tooth implant appointment and restore your smile.

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