Having lost motivation is something that can stop even a good blogger dead in their tracks and is typical for anyone who does a lot of writing! No doubt about it, blogging does indeed involve a lot of writing and this requires large doses of sustained motivation! When blogging, if getting motivated to create content or promote your site becomes an issue, the very life of your site is put at risk! Having no content leaves you with nothing to offer readers and that's the whole intent of your site, correct? Since it's common for even a good blogger to occasionally suffer from a loss of motivation, what can be done to restore it?

Here are 5 suggestions to help bloggers rekindle their passion and drive when getting motivated to blog becomes difficult for them!

Moderate Site Redesign

Every blogging platform can benefit from an occasional 'tweak' in the design of the site itself! On the other hand when doing a lot of writing as most bloggers do, messing with your design is the last thing on your mind! Taking the time to make a few modifications with your blog's design when you're feeling uninspired to write will help you stay productive especially if the redesign is overdue! Once completed, you'll be more than motivated to write simply to show off the new look and feel your site now has!

Find a Helpful Plug In

As any good blogger will tell you, finding and using the right plug-ins will really help to boost the performance of not only the platform but yours as well! New plug-ins are developed daily but who has the time to always be on the lookout when you're always busy creating fresh content! Well when getting motivated to compose your next post starts to become more difficult, this may be the perfect time to 'experiment' with widgets! Finding the right one can really make things easier for you while also giving readers a more enjoyable experience when they land on your platform!

Allow Yourself to Rant

Sometimes it is simply best to share your inner most feelings, within reason of course, and in doing so you may find this something readers love! At the very least, you've given your readers a peek behinds the curtains as to what is on your mind! If what you post happens to be somewhat controversial, all the better since it may create a buzz!

Go Blog Hopping

Sometimes it's best to put your own site aside and go visit others within your own niche! This gives you a chance to see how bloggers present their content or design their sites! Many ideas and 'discoveries' can easily come from such 'expeditions' along with the camaraderie you can develop with other bloggers! At this point you tend to feel more 'plugged in' to what is going on around you and can even find getting motivated to blog much easier knowing others face the same challenges as you!

Just Get Away

You know the old saying, 'all work and no play makes Jack a boring person' and this especially pertains to blogging! You must realize that if you can not or will not take an occasional break you're definitely heading towards burnout and sometimes this feeling can NOT be reversed! To be a good blogger you'll need to realize that what you write is often a reflection of your own experiences! Having said that, if you have little or no experiences to share, this will make creating new content all the more difficult!

Suffering from lost motivation is unfortunately common for many bloggers due to the fact that they do a lot of writing! The mere act of creating unique content on a ongoing basis can be VERY challenging, so much so that even a good blogger may find it difficult getting motivated to create anything new! In many cases this results from the monotony of completing the same tasks time and again and can be remedied by a break in routine! Even the best bloggers can get bored thereby losing the all important drive needed to properly maintain their platforms! The 5 suggestions presented here today offer the type of change needed to rekindle the passion and interest a good blogger needs! In additional each suggestion holds the very real potential to add more value to the site in terms of both content and design! If doing a lot of writing is draining your enthusiasm to blog, try the suggestions above to renew your enthusiasm while also improving your site!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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