Freshmen are always tensed to write their first resume because of the lack of experience in their field. This article is dedicated to them because resume templates have come for their rescue. The template is basically a ready-made fill in the blank form available on most of the online job portals. For others there are plenty of websites that offer resume templates for entry level candidates.

Sections of Resume Template for Entry Level Candidates

The templates consist of the resume sections only, but the layout is different. In entry level candidates, there can be two segregation:
1.Academically brilliant candidates who have scored reasonably high marks
2.The other ones who have gained good experience via internships

There will be a difference in both these resume templates, because the strengths of these candidates to lure the recruiters will be different. That is the main motive of using a resume template. It helps you identify your strengths and offers the proper systematic representation of the same in the resume.

From the regular sections of the resume like local communication details, resume objective, etc., there are some sections that the resume template give value. For example, the professional experience of a candidate can be written in different ways if they have had hands on experience in handling work during their internships like shown in the following:

Professional Summary
In this section, you can actually give a gist of everything you have learnt so far using paragraphs or bulletined points. It is better to give small sub headings in order to make it more readable. You may even mention your outstanding achievements here, if any.

Educational Qualification

Name of Course:

Academic Years: (MM-YY – MM-YY)

Specialization Subject:

Extra Activities:

Remember that this space is bigger than any other in the template and it is so by design. Make use of it and try to include everything you are good at, but only if they are relevant to the job description.

Practical Experience

Designation Held: Trainee / Intern

Tenure Served: (MM-YY – MM-YY)


Skills Used:


The resume templates for entry level candidates pay more attention to your experience, qualification and skills. It should not be very lengthy as it is a freshers resume. Employers who look for freshmen want these things only and their expectation is restricted to candidates who are ambitious and willing to learn.

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Ana Rose is a writer who writes on broad range of subjects related to career her focus is mainly on resumes and cover letters. In above article you will find how template for entry level candidate's resume looks like and on which part of resume you should focus on.