Before starting to write resume for any profession or educational background, it is imperative to know the job profile, the responsibilities and the requirement for the job, along with the employer's needs and aim. Talking especially about MBA (Masters in Business Administration), the personality traits in a person matter more than the educational background. In the sense that although MBA is imperative, the basic graduation can be in any stream of study.

Business has various facets like marketing, advertisement, finance, etc. If we consider one of each of these specialized fields, then the traits associated with the ideal professional will be different. For example, a marketing professional should be excellent in his communication skills and very prompt in finding out things and updating the customers. The knack of influencing people and giving service is a must for the marketing man.

Similarly, a person involved in advertising is needed to do relevant surveys and research. Deduct data, represent the data in different forms, explain the same to the team members, juniors, etc. MBA professionals in the advertising sector have to study the market trend, the customer demands, the flow of cash in particular sectors, negotiate with clients, ensure that the manufacturing department delivers what they claim, etc.

Now, for making an impressive resume, one can refer to a free MBA resume templates available on sites that are designed for both freshmen as well as experienced professionals. The difference in regular resume formats and the ones for MBAs is that their experience and job responsibilities section are given more preference than the other ones.

This is one thing that every resume writer should take into consideration, the format and the template to follow. It is wise not to blindly adopt any resume template and start filling in the details. When searching for a good resume template, make sure to check the details as to whether it is free or paid. Refer to more than two to three templates before finalizing one.

Last but not the least, your credentials and the employer's requirement should be the deciding criteria for choosing a template and not just a pleasing appearance. Choose a simple template so that it does not distract the recruiter. Highlight your biggest selling propositions. If you are from one of the top institutes that offer an MBA, do mention it in the beginning of your professional summary or in your education section if you have just completed your graduation.

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