A commercial magazine organized a retail and e-commerce cross-industry round table forum in Guangzhou in July. Experts in the two industries attended the forum and voiced their opinions.
The biggest challenge is to set a clear goal with strategic significance. But there is not goal and the team does not know how to fulfill the target. The main challenge is to see e-commerce network market and see the growing demand of consumers since e-commerce society mode is forming before us. How can we sell famous brand products online and reach consumers directly to expand markets?
As for traditional retailers, the sales volume has reached ten of billions of renminbi so it has great potential to go online for selling. A good network can break time restrictions or regional restrictions. Large traditional retailers are attempting to go online such as Wal-Mart, who is still considering logistics and storage issues for selling goods online. Large retailers are selling quick consumption goods, which may not be suitable for selling online.
Lacking of talents is also a big problem for retailers going online. Such talents nee to master knowledge of e-business, supply chain, logistics etc.
One large supermarket complained that they can not find good candidates for e-business and they have to spend a lot on fostering such e-commerce elites.
E-commerce is not just meaning B2C website, B2B websites as e-commerce could affect more fields and e-business need more business partners.
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