Retain Complete Control over Your Attitude at All Times
We all desire the best possible results from our efforts and we all have tremendous potential to achieve the most remarkable things. We therefore have everything we need to be really successful and to achieve almost anything we desire. Make the choice today and begin to use all the pent up potential you have. Begin making the right positive choices and start utilizing all the gifts you possess.
Put your potential to work for you today. Begin to unpack the future you desire by committing to take daily inspired action and you can achieve any outcome you desire. Combine this daily inspired action with the right attitude and a good dose of perseverance and you can accurately predict the positive quality of the results you will achieve.
Our attitude and belief in our own abilities determines how much we are willing and able to manage at one time. Both of these help us to create the size and scope of our dreams. They influence our determination and persistence, when we are confronted with life’s inevitable challenges. So choose the attitude you project to the world very wisely, for it is one of the most crucial factors that will determine the final outcomes you will enjoy in your life.
Your attitude is one of the most crucial factors that will determine how effectively you get to utilize your potential. As no one has dominion over your attitude, it is something you alone control. Never surrender control over your attitude because of poor thinking, bad habits or negative input. The price of losing control over your attitude is very high. Something this valuable must be guarded and protected. Choose your attitude very wisely and always strive to project the type of attitude you want the world to reflect back to you.
No one can ever “MAKE” you angry. You choose to become angry when you surrender control of your attitude and your emotions. Anything that happens around or to us is simply an event. We give it positive or negative meaning by the way we choose to respond to that event. When an event occurs in our environment, we either choose to give it a negative or positive meaning. We are in effect putting our attitude to the test all the time. Where we get to choose to allow our emotions to become uncontrolled and we lose our power or we choose to remain in control and we empower ourselves. We can only lose control over our emotions if we allow. The attitude we project to the world is always a choice.
When you choose to project a volatile attitude by becoming angry, jealous or suspicious you have failed one of life’s simple tests. You are allowing circumstances and events that occur around you to control you. Rather remain in control and carefully choose how to respond. This will allow you to turn these events into something positive. Accept full responsibility for your attitude and emotive state and never allow control to be wrestled away from you. Learn the art of defending yourself against those powerful feelings that can lead you down the wrong path. Work to strengthen those positive controlled feelings and attitudes that will assist you every day. This will lead you into the future you desire.
When you drive into a traffic jam on the freeway and you are unable to get off the freeway. You can either choose to bang your fist on the steering wheel in anger, projecting an attitude of anger and loss of control. Or you can sit back, relax and listen to an educational CD or relaxing music. This will allow you to use the same experience. To either weaken you and cause you discomfort as you beat your steering wheel. Or to empower you as you use the time to regenerate your spirit and learn something new. One breaks you down and causes you harm. The other is hugely beneficial and will help you to be more effective. Which do you think is the wiser choice?
The future holds incredible awards in trust for you. All you need to do to reap these rewards is to be patient and to always project a good attitude to the world. So exercise your freedom of choice right now and always maintain complete dominion over your attitude and emotions. Your attitude and emotions is a really powerful ally and one of your greatest treasures you posses. Protect them at all times and project an attitude of positiveness and success to the world. Exactly that will be projected back to you. Be on your guard and avoid allowing vandals and thieves, the benefit of injuring or stealing your positive attitude.
The right attitude is one of the foundational stones of sustainable success. Combine this with a sound positive personal philosophy and daily inspired action and you will have the resolve to achieve almost anything you desire.

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